The Greater Cause

“I am Greater than you know”

Living A Life, forming a better world,

me, you or anyone else want to lead a life of their own goals set by mind.

Letting yourself flow away by the beauty and traps of the world,

getting distracted to lead the path for which you was born,

A million reason to say “NO” to be what you want to be,

searching for the one motive to say “YES” and lead the world.


Every time you cant be what you want to be,

Even in maze you are directed to many turns to reach the destination.

Your destiny will always be same, but the path contain millions turns.

reaching the destination is never easy to earn.

Dedication, fights and a continues efforts is to be done.


The millions of turn consist, millions of downfalls,

are you weak, are you ready to give up your dream?

are you not the child sent to change the world,

YES, you are, continue the journey to reach the end of this world.

Finally you can say “YES I CHANGED THIS WORLD”

I am born to a greater cause, and i am doing that my principal allows me to be done.

Little unknown

I am known to this world,
I know what I am doing to being myself,
To stand tall to this world.
I know who am I am.
Do i really know?

I am working for myself daily,
Thinking I seen this world,
Deciding what seems right to my eyes,
Pretending I just know the surrounding the world.

Going anywhere I want, not listening to anyone,
Thinking I am known to this world,
Did what I think it’s right for me,
Roam when I wanted to, run when I wanted to, sleep when I wanted to and lift my life when I wanted to.
Do I really know this world so well?

Pretending I become the king or queen to this world
Until I was hit by a Storm,
That put me and my life in the corner of a room in this world
Darkness is the only thing with whom I spoke,
Sadness was the only thing with whom I live
And loneliness was the only thing that become my best friend.
I am unknown to this world.

It keeps on running!

Life would be so beautiful, if I was having a genie or magic stick.

thing would have turn around, world would me mine with his trick.

Life would be all mine, happiness around,

feeling smiles and enjoying my life.


I wish, if I was having the moment in my life,

but things are not what we dream of,

things are not what you think and want,

World work on work and money,

if no money, you cant have the honey.


Time is like the horse of life, keep on running and running

straight and aligned, no left or right, destiny we are bind.

the time stops, the run halt, and out heart beat ….. Dead.