Smiles of Faces

Time and tide waits for none,

Oceans and life are wide, never

ending extents.

Filling drop by dorp with moments and time,

Our life is defined with Happiness and sorrows sometimes.

Time naturally heals the sorrow,

Happiness naturally makes us strong to fight with all sad and depressions having smiles on face getting hits but still standing straight.

Define life in your own terms, sad sorrow, depressions are the parts, you can’t denied.

We try moments and words of happiness to try and to give a smile on your face that can’t be suffice.

Happiness on Faces 😊 -fillingwords


It keeps on running!

Life would be so beautiful, if I was having a genie or magic stick.

thing would have turn around, world would me mine with his trick.

Life would be all mine, happiness around,

feeling smiles and enjoying my life.


I wish, if I was having the moment in my life,

but things are not what we dream of,

things are not what you think and want,

World work on work and money,

if no money, you cant have the honey.


Time is like the horse of life, keep on running and running

straight and aligned, no left or right, destiny we are bind.

the time stops, the run halt, and out heart beat ….. Dead.

Keeps on changing.

Time and Tide wait for none.

It is as true as moon and sun.

My times are like hot and cold.

Feel sometimes and sometimes hole as black hole.

I feel none when come to feeling and emotions.

Emotions are like hot, feel once don’t want to feel again.

And everything is like cold breeze.

Life is like a weather, keeps in changing again and again.

And life is life like time.

Time and life keeps on moving no matter you want or not.

It’s all about keep on moving and changing with time.

Life Death

Living lives is preserved into two part

Life and death.

Life which is the soul of living things in the world,

death which is soul reason for balancing the earth.


Living life is a beautiful experience in the world,

were death is a peaceful moment on earth.


Things are not always easy for all of us,

sometimes its difficult, and sometimes need no efforts.

its a cycle which keeps on rolling,

from the day of birth to death bed.


I am living on the edge, with relation to life and death.

Life has no meaning without love,

where death has no meaning with out peace,

both are related to you life you live on the holy earth.

Its quit interesting, how things happen in this planet,

one die and other born, to maintain the balance of earth.

Its Beautiful both have meaning and reason to exist.

sometimes life and sometimes death.


A new feeling, a new light, a source of positivity inside,

the time is going to come now, the future is glue in my eyed.

A new morning, a new sunshine,

everyday i woke up, blessed with morning light,

with a bright side, Sun and my inside.

the dawn come, knocking the doors of the sun,

saying its time.


Welcoming the new day, loving and wishing the sunlight,

saying good morning, spreading all the sides.


The sweet, fresh air seems, sprinkled near my nose,

making its appearance in morning time.


Twinkling moon is going to say good bye,

in respect bird sign songs sitting and flying aligned.


Its a new beginning, its my new life,

every morning is a sea of opportunities and time.

Just you need to bless your self and say alright,

lets get up and rock this work on my foot steps.