Essence of life, no more

Matter is what matters to me,

Life is like a sea,

I cross thing that are chased by me,

I want to flee away from the machinery

Making life easier, but killing all our essences of lives.


My life is not a game to be played,

but still i am playing and chasing these lanes.


I did a lot in my life, but all the credits were snatched by these machines,

i give up my life, gave my job and time and worked like zombies in my life.


I become servant of the technologies which is now insane,

i am living or dying is also measured in pulses of my life.

I don’t want to know how much time i will live,

i just want to know, am i alive or not?

my pulses were fit in some machine and i was waiting for my breath to die.

why just can’t i go out and live my life with some nature and get a death i will more prefer and i wish i can live my life.