The Sun Smiles

Glowing up above the sky so high,
Like a big smile, facing us and telling us to smile,
The smile is so bright, my eyes sometimes loose its sights.

It shines and brighten up the whole world,
Glows this world, like the last day of it’s life,
Clearing the dark clouds, clearing the dark dust from the world wide,
clearing it’s motive to stay up high in the world.

To provide one more day for us to survive in this world,
The life of this sun start with the creation of this world,
Working all the time, no rest no time to sleep peacefully night.
Still no excuses, no demands by this bright smile,

Working for life in this world,
Not getting frustrated for small issues,
Not getting irritated for small fights,
Not getting depressed for small thought,

Life is simple and was created to be simple,
Complication are created by us,
Ton of things are happening in our daily life,
Adjustment and doing right is our only way to feel and live this life,
Discussions solved wars, discussions solved fights, discussion can solve every bit of depression and human relations in our life.


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A new feeling, a new light, a source of positivity inside,

the time is going to come now, the future is glue in my eyed.

A new morning, a new sunshine,

everyday i woke up, blessed with morning light,

with a bright side, Sun and my inside.

the dawn come, knocking the doors of the sun,

saying its time.


Welcoming the new day, loving and wishing the sunlight,

saying good morning, spreading all the sides.


The sweet, fresh air seems, sprinkled near my nose,

making its appearance in morning time.


Twinkling moon is going to say good bye,

in respect bird sign songs sitting and flying aligned.


Its a new beginning, its my new life,

every morning is a sea of opportunities and time.

Just you need to bless your self and say alright,

lets get up and rock this work on my foot steps.