Light up the life!

Light up the life like a bright sun in dark night,
light up the sky with your eyes like stars shining bright.
lift yourself up, go cross your boundaries and limits,
its time to full fill your dreams and things you want to filled with.

A life, one time,
no more chance to live by,
take care of every second hold near your neck like tie.
time keeps on changing no matter what comes in.
what are you waiting for-be dynamic, move on to the peak,
slay your fears, slay your pain, life is not a checkbox to get ticks.
It keeps on giving you hits or thrown you in bits.

You need to fight, you need to figure out the risks,
Beacuse you are the only source to your life dont just sit and miss,
Stand out, don’t stand still, run, fight make every second worth living like the last day of your live.

Life is changing like skins,
A new layer adding up making it strong and bliss.
Fill up the life,
Fill up your mind,
Fill up your heart,
With lots of lots of smiles,
Bring down all sources of pain,
Crush it under your foot steps,
Not letting any source of pain hitting your head,
Show them your real face.

A smile a beautiful face needed to bright up the entire race.

Sky and Ocean

We living a beautiful life, nature has surrounded us.

blessed us with miracles, beauty in all creations.

Ocean the soul reason for our existence, sky the reason for our lives.

sky and ocean are the soul of nature,

peace in ocean, love in the sky.

sky to fly high, reach the height in your happiness and time,

ocean is to deep drive in love and emotions.

living a life where we are all small creations,

sometimes, unrelated behaviors of us ,leads to deaths and destruction

but mother nature is restoring every actions it takes,

she still having faith in us, someday we will learn from our mistakes.

love of nature is never ending.

what we need, never had to wait to get fulfilled.

aiding us from falling, standing and protecting.

With these two soul of hers, making our lives beautiful and running.

we blessed to live in this world where sky is to fly , ocean to feel alright.