Fake life! 😶

Life was ment to be alive, Living the moments, wishing to fullfill the chimes, A little time with life still feeding the needs of deeds, We were born like small seeds, To create a world full of beauties and fulfilling happiness indeed. Life tooks a sudden curve, doing cornering, Hating human being but why I am wondering. Almost the entire […]

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A little note!

A little note,carried away by a boat,small as an ant, big as an planet, and deep as floating on undiscovered ocean,a little note to self. A little note describing yourself,a little note adding a value to oneself,hitting the walls, breaking the threads to avail own-self.just a little note to change the way you look at yourself. Being the person of […]

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Am I Depressed! Am I?

Am I Depressed! Am I

Am I Depressed? Depression doesn’t come knocking your doors. In simple words, depression is a very unusual feeling of sadness, loneliness, mental pain, numb, pretending to be happy, deep sorrow, sleepless nights, tensed days etc. Depression is a big word, and usually in the present generation almost everyone is taking this word as their own family member, because if you […]

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life love

Letting yourself down, letting yourself feel small and weak, keeping yourself away from the life, feeling numb and feeling tired, feeling like you are nothing more then a waste of time,   Feeling like this is keeping you away from living this beautiful life, thought of sadness, depression is a curse, diminishing the blessings of love from this world.   […]

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