Smiles of Faces

Time and tide waits for none,

Oceans and life are wide, never

ending extents.

Filling drop by dorp with moments and time,

Our life is defined with Happiness and sorrows sometimes.

Time naturally heals the sorrow,

Happiness naturally makes us strong to fight with all sad and depressions having smiles on face getting hits but still standing straight.

Define life in your own terms, sad sorrow, depressions are the parts, you can’t denied.

We try moments and words of happiness to try and to give a smile on your face that can’t be suffice.

Happiness on Faces 😊 -fillingwords

Life like Ocean

I am like an ocean, flowing, still, and sometime destruction’s.

I want to be as big, as tide flowing across the ocean.

Free, alive without any tension inside,

I live like an ocean.

Strong but having limitations,

I feel like an ocean.

I go anywhere i like, i can run the whole miles.

i am just free without any chain or ties.

I feel so alive, I hold grudges against people,

Still i can clam my self down.

I am cool and always in motion.

I love nature and life living, forming all around my life.

i Just can hold on you anything, i am too losses to come to your side.

My feeling are just like ocean never dies always alive.

One feeling left to describe, i am attach to a sea who is my life.



Sky and Ocean

We living a beautiful life, nature has surrounded us.

blessed us with miracles, beauty in all creations.

Ocean the soul reason for our existence, sky the reason for our lives.

sky and ocean are the soul of nature,

peace in ocean, love in the sky.

sky to fly high, reach the height in your happiness and time,

ocean is to deep drive in love and emotions.

living a life where we are all small creations,

sometimes, unrelated behaviors of us ,leads to deaths and destruction

but mother nature is restoring every actions it takes,

she still having faith in us, someday we will learn from our mistakes.

love of nature is never ending.

what we need, never had to wait to get fulfilled.

aiding us from falling, standing and protecting.

With these two soul of hers, making our lives beautiful and running.

we blessed to live in this world where sky is to fly , ocean to feel alright.