Ocean of Sorrow

I am drowning in the sea of sorrow,

fears, darkness and the pain i have to borrow.

My soul is captured in the jail of sorrow,

keeping myself alive, with the hope i can take back my soul.

Getting out seem, a long journey to achieve.

i want to love and see the brightness of light,

But i am only being loved by the fear of darkness,

the true essence of light never reached to my soul.

My will, makes me survive, keeping me alive in darkness.

but the pain is too much, i have given enough,

the sea of sorrow is drowning me, pulling me to the ocean,

where sorrow is nothing, bleeding with all my emotions.

I want to live, i am drowning deep, somebody save me,

bring me to the life i wanted to lead.

No one there to help, i will be alive with the fear of death,

i will be happy in the essence of life i breath.

My sea of sorrow converted to the ocean of death.