Soul is alone from my birth as it grows,
suffering emptiness no one knows.
had many relations, it goes through many emotions,
still this emptiness come, when no one around.
Is anyone searching for me? I asked when i am alone,
i ended up like many years gone..

Emptiness is killing me inside,
still i carry a smile.
fake, i live fake now when someone around.
as gone i go empty,as i was born.

There is moon for sun, ground for sky
are they proving your soul need someone to survive?
cant touch the sky, cant hold ground,
cant bear the heat,cant live in blackout.
they are miles apart still lives, one awake, when other one sleeps.
day heat, peaced by night light.{heat sun,, moon Light}
this perfect combinations you cant find.

When apart,

they cry, falling tear drops from the sky,(rain)

Still search for the one to peace my soul,
no clue no sign of her i found.
Emptiness is all left, all alone i am dying.
Is marriage the last answer left?
if than my soul suffer this loneliness
there will nothing to escape
just me and my emptiness.



Thoughts of Hate

Why i hate, why?? what i don’t like?

reason are pretty hard for me to justify.

things changes, But i am the same again.

hatred remains the same, its hard for me to forget what have changed.

What happened with me it filled me with debt,

i am just returning your debt day by day over again and again.

The beauty in hate is more intense, more than a love can summons.

no worries, no sorrow, no crying nothing to borrow, pure hate.

I just love to hate.

One word powerful enough,

to destroy every bit of love you hold.

Thinking about hate is a part of me strong and bold,

I love to have, hate to abolish.

Love is, not forgiving people and love to hate them for life.

I am soft hatred too sometimes with hate inside i am not fragile.