My Way!

Chasing down the roads of my life,

merging the roads which are alike,

streaming through the time,

i am chasing the paths i never find.


Searching for something that i like,

time and luck are not in my side.

Still keeping up the passion inside

I am trying to rise and rise.


Something went wrong or right,

no one to judge or to tell me you are alright.

Something is poking me inside,

the curiosity inside asking me why why and why?


I answered, this is the road i found

i have no option than walking down the side,

i am just following, my luck, my passion inside.


Following what we Like, is what we need


Your Time

Something that keeps me alive that is your eyes

taking my happiness on cloud nine

willing to see you make me go blind sometimes.

Searching for a bright light

i know only you can shine so bright

why i feel so ignored in daylight

why you hug when you cant hold me for long

why there is no breath flowing near my side

Love will bind us for long,

till i live and forever.

Your soul, i search

every rules i breached

nothing can stop my soul, from getting me into your world

feeling goes too high

when i seek your presence by my side

my love, you get all i have

think all about our times

the time when you want to hide

my arms hold you tight.

Your bredth so hight

When you hugged me for the first time.