My World is…

The flower of happiness is glooming inside,

my love for you is flying high.

I love the way you look at me, with love and sometime devastating,


You are the person who know me, without me who is me?

things were always difficult for us but your support never let us being weak.

My love for you is space shuttle once go high, cross the sky and always flying.

I love you with everything i have, may be sometimes anger but it is always me.

You were always superior than me in case of love and fight,

you were winning.

I didn’t give up, now i am your king.

You are the queen of the love i have, you are the queen of my world,

Come and lets rule the entire world.

Me and You ALWAYS. <no caption>


A Little Love

Little soft touches of you, warmth of your finger tips.

voice of you is flowing though my heart though your lips.

Love is your another name.

I call you with every name, my little star, or my little angle all means same.

you are pretty, a little angel in my lane,

your smile light up the whole sky,

you tear brought floods from the sky.

you little nail on the tip makes me grin.

your look can kill anything in the wild 😀

You can just be one in the whole sky, shine.

you just make me feel on cloud nine.

Little clothes of you’r light up my eyes.

you came in this world spreading the soul meaning of love.

you are mine, my angle my life, a sweet little smile all we need.

My Little Daughter