Its True.

Everything in me is founded of you,

i am because of you its true.

My happiness is derived from you,

my sorrow is the pain of you, its true.

What I want to be, will be only with you,

the reason I want to be something is because of you, its true.

My life, my time, my breath all is mine,

derived and protected by you, its true.

You r my muse,and everything,

all comes from you.


Love is all around, I learn from you.

mine is a words is also derived from you.




A word that Inspires

A word that always inspires, we heard when, we were a little lier,

for us it is all that matters, listening to our mom calling us with super powers.

son you the best, son you can do it, son you are always my star,

praises from her never stopped, from birth to the death bed of us.

she is the only fan we had, who always cheers, she is our strongest truss.

She is with you if you lose, she with you if you fall, and when you win,

I am sure you see, once in a blue moon expression.

All she want your happiness, if you are happy, its fine,

if you are not, she will give all sort of try, you make you shine.


No matter what path of road you take, from zig zag to straight.

from your failures to success, she always had the biggest contribution,

no matter you accept or not, some day you will realize,

She is the best, MOM.