Noon to Night

Our earth have made so many beautiful division,

Some places sun in day and moon over the night.

All are created for well being and living for the beautiful lives.

Its miracle to live in this world where everything is well mannered and well centered.


I am in love with morning , where i can feel the breezes, say morning to sun,

and start a new time till the day ends.

I take care of the noon, when i feel like sleepy, but coffee makes it all done,

I am joyful in the evening when finally i can go home and say lastly the day end.

I am in love with night when, I can peace my mind. saying good night to my love moon light.

I am in love with the day time and sleep under the moon light.

I am in nature and the world is mine.








A new feeling, a new light, a source of positivity inside,

the time is going to come now, the future is glue in my eyed.

A new morning, a new sunshine,

everyday i woke up, blessed with morning light,

with a bright side, Sun and my inside.

the dawn come, knocking the doors of the sun,

saying its time.


Welcoming the new day, loving and wishing the sunlight,

saying good morning, spreading all the sides.


The sweet, fresh air seems, sprinkled near my nose,

making its appearance in morning time.


Twinkling moon is going to say good bye,

in respect bird sign songs sitting and flying aligned.


Its a new beginning, its my new life,

every morning is a sea of opportunities and time.

Just you need to bless your self and say alright,

lets get up and rock this work on my foot steps.