I Really Don’t Know Life

What is Life?

I am Live is that called life?

Looking in mirror and seeing dark face even when it is morning 7 am in the morning is not life.

So what is life?

I am not able to figure it out that, the need I have the requirement I have is Life or it is a part of life? Is it mandatory or it is exceptional?

I really don’t know!

Working 9 hours in office and doing journey of 4 hours daily is this life?

Thinking about the times when I was small and wanted to grow up, now I really cry for wishing to grow up and I regret not being happy those times.

I don’t see myself alive every morning in front of the mirror. I see a robot, I see a non living thing standing in-front of me that is controlled with the power of money.

Money that is driving me every single day its not me.

I don’t feel happiness inside when I travel 4 hours daily, i don’t feel happy and excited to go work daily 8 to 7 pm..

What is life and what is the consistency of life?

Please tell me… my ears are dying to hear the voice of life, wanted to hear the words you are all right.


So, what I am surviving now is what? am I alive not ?


It keeps on running!

Life would be so beautiful, if I was having a genie or magic stick.

thing would have turn around, world would me mine with his trick.

Life would be all mine, happiness around,

feeling smiles and enjoying my life.


I wish, if I was having the moment in my life,

but things are not what we dream of,

things are not what you think and want,

World work on work and money,

if no money, you cant have the honey.


Time is like the horse of life, keep on running and running

straight and aligned, no left or right, destiny we are bind.

the time stops, the run halt, and out heart beat ….. Dead.

Things will go!

Things passes by, life slowly changes with time,

things to worry come with the amount of money.

Is this is enough to live my life to the rest,

or everything is going to get messed.

Money decides the amount of life you can live,

if you have plenty, you can prepare for long run,

else, prepare for your life will ends.


Still happiness doesn’t count on money,

happiness come when you are with your family and friends.

Money without family and friends,

you will be troubled facing the world.

broken knots, dark holes wont leave you,

till you don’t rest in peace somewhere in the world.

Things are true, facing fake life with fake people,

is like group of wolfs chasing you down.


Where else, people with less money, or troubling earning,

facing the entire world to keep themselves running.

but path is ease with your family and friends.

support, love don’t let you die,

you will fight eventually will make your self survive.