Life, a long term to survive, god prescribed.

His prescription list contains love, truth and work.

List are just three and… simple.

The love we share, is so unconditional and pure ,

Nature is big example, only gives, don’t ask for shares.

Everything runs on truth, the soul existence of life is with truth.

Work is need to run our lives, work for food, work for life.

Combination of three called as life.

You want to live you want to survive, work with love and truth for all your desires.

Live a life filled with love,

Live a life memorable.

Make you life a story to inspire others.






Life I desire

With every colors i can see, with every air i can breadth,

I will be following you, my eyes are lighten up,

my soul is brighten up, just you in me.

I follow your path of truth, spend my life with the desire for having you.

Your smile is bright like, in a dusted room a little light,

your hairs are dark, like moon covered the sun when sunny day starts.

you walk :-), like penguin walking on their coldest site.

Your smell, its a ocean where i can float like tide.

I have million love to describe you, sentences are less to describe my love for you.

You are undiscovered, a part of my life,

edging me, shaping me like a soft knife.

My dream are filled with oceans and skies, floats and glides.

i am floating, trying to drown deep in the smell of tides.

i want to be that light which falls first on you and passes through.

i want to be the air which surround you everywhere.

I want to be everything which comes in my mind.

Just want to be close to you in every form i can bide.






I and U

I am the love for you, old or young I am U.

Lost in your eyes, seen you for the first time.

Over and over again, I fall for you.

Value of you, I am expressing my heart.

Every breath i take is for you, my heart Beats with the name of you.

U are only mine, made for Me, live your life with I.

Lets make I and U together for ever.

Marrying will be the only solution for ever.

I Lost Over and over again with every Values with every E very breath I take, U are mine.

Voice of My Tears

Two phases of love, crying with happiness and crying for sorrow.

I show the immerse love for you in each phase of love,

when you smile i am beautiful as dove,

when you cry i am still beautiful but as  black clouds.

I come with a soft touch in your eyes,

leave red marks when i was about to dry.

these phases show how much i love you.

happiness or crying my existence will be in your eyes.

I fill you with strength when i go dry, after you cried.

I fill you with tremendous happiness when i go dry, after you just smiled. 🙂

I am a full pack filled with,

sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness.

i can describe the reason for your cry,

if i fall from right you are happy and delight, eye

and fall from left you are sad and sorrow from depth. eye

The reason for my fall don’t show your weakness, not your failure,

It shows your love for me and how much you miss me.

I am your few drops of tears, happy and always their.





Words Of My Soul

The flowers of happiness is blooming inside,

Fragrance of efflorescence is flowing as tides,

Today i am born.

The love from nature, the creation of god,

the beauty in human nature i taught.

like a dove on a mountain peak,

pure like crystal cant suffice.

my love for your emotions, feeling you can’t define.

Living deep inside silent till you don’t require.

My voice will always inspire lead your life of desire.

Crying or having deep sorrow all  will diminish,

Till you don’t smile i will try.

if you do cry, i will make you strong you don’t need to worry.

the things that don’t add you success, make you strong.

If you stuck somewhere all paths are covered with dark desires,

ask me,

I will lead you define you a path, give you a light to follow.

I am your strongest power, armour, you inner soul you desire.