Love cant be shared!

A life time is less to give the love, you done to me.

I am in debt of the selfless love and care you shared.

It’s not you, its the god itself survives in you.

I want to worship, though out my life for you.

Because i was none, even nothing without your love and care from my childhood till I old.


From childhood you cared for me, love for me,

No matter there is food or not, but my belly always will be stuffed,

No matter there is air in the atmosphere or not, I was kept live with love.

The shield of your love and care is the only thing that is making me breath.

if not, I will be nothing more than death.


Everything seems less when i compare with you,

Money, fame everything seem faded, when you com into my life,


I left the life that showed me papers and fake names.

I want to spend my rest in your love and forgiveness.

Want just one thing smile on your face until i end.
That’s my life with my mom.



I was living in my village in my past time,

spending and having a happy time,

Mom, dad, family more excited than me.

Those days are the best days of my life.

Love of mom, Dad always strict and the scent of my town,

feel like heaven still stay here all the time.


Friends whom i thought died are still alive,

Its been a long time.

Remember my past time, gives me a big smile,

Going out at night, stealing mangoes, sugarcane etc all the time,

going on long ride on bikes,

Going on festivals together and making a total mess of that place,

Loving my friends, playing crickets all the time.

what else, everything what ever we like.

The time i spend in my village is the happiest time in my life.

Feel the love inside.


Beauty in us.

World is incredible, where we are born in this holly land,

natures decorated the our world,

and the beauty in us is decorated by the tradition we have.

we have uncountable tradition, followed by people around the world.

Religion is the soul reason of birth of traditions.

where people follow more than 30 religions in the world,

having different form, different beliefs,

the beauty is everyone is maintaining their own peace.

where love is measured, the depth of devotion you have,

and the trust of life is given by the lord we always want to be with us.

we celebrate the love of our soul with lord,

celebrating the depth of happiness we have.

things aren’t always same we still never blame,

we always pray the love we have, also the thing we want.


Our tradition is beautiful, filling the missing gaps,

celebration with love, light, food we have,

things were never same before, we admire the love with in our self .

gathering in single place sharing love,

the love in us, and the time we spend having smiles and not bad feeling inside us..



The sweet vulnerability of your love,

the red lases of the fondness,

the morning kisses with shyness,

i am vulnerable to your love.


The essence of your scent, the tickling chilling fear in your voice,

the big eyes of fears, of your minor mistake you do.

the intense rise in your voice, the form of  devotion you have.

for the love of me, for the respect you give.

Time and time you proved your love, still i have this vulnerability in you dove,

to lose you and to see in you in someone’s else cage, arms.


Losing you, drenched in the fear of sweat,

the breath in me also hesitate to take.


Roses are red and my blood too,

I had given you rose when I proposed you.

i can give my blood if you leave me too.


Love in me inspires me,

the vulnerability in me make me love you more to the depth.

.The Vulnerability What Makes Love Strong.




Being Single :-|

Strangers to friendship, journey to commit,
From initial to the end, have to count every second..
Looking for a prefect partner. Eyes rolling everywhere,
Situations were distress, i was surrounded by people having hands in hand, walking through the stairs.

I never found someone anywhere.

I was walking the roads alone all the time, wanted to have someone by my side.
I didn’t realized the things are so tough being alone for those times.
Have to eat, sleep, live alone all the time.

i was in the verge of crying, why there no mercy on my life,

Just always walking and walking in empty roads,

people didn’t bother because i was big bore.

but this was not the truth, try to know me,

i am be the best in myself.

But Still,

everything i have, but need a soul to surround my side,

May be this is called ” Being Single”.