You remain!

I remain in you, i am you skin,

protect you love you and live with you.

I want to be in your breath,

i want to feel every peace of rest.

I just searching for a moment,

when i can kill you and make you my meaning.

I love you a lot, my love is incomparable,

without any meaning and  depth.


I define your depth, i am the definition of your love.

the love you have is the part you always trust.

My trust and my love is always you.

your trust and love was always me.

i got out of the world and you still searching for me.

separation leads us to different path,

me to death you to crave for me till the death.




My World is…

The flower of happiness is glooming inside,

my love for you is flying high.

I love the way you look at me, with love and sometime devastating,


You are the person who know me, without me who is me?

things were always difficult for us but your support never let us being weak.

My love for you is space shuttle once go high, cross the sky and always flying.

I love you with everything i have, may be sometimes anger but it is always me.

You were always superior than me in case of love and fight,

you were winning.

I didn’t give up, now i am your king.

You are the queen of the love i have, you are the queen of my world,

Come and lets rule the entire world.

Me and You ALWAYS. <no caption>


was it me?

You were arrogant when i seen you first,

fighting with a teacher for your maths.

You were like a bird fighting for to fly first.

Moment of your fight, my heart was filled with smile,

feeling like i got my wings and i am also flying.

after that i started spying.

my motive in was to see and know about you life time,

I want to stand first in your line and ready for any climb.

I was mesmerized seeing you for the first time.

My feeling was too high, but watching you, make me feel crying.

i was afraid, to start calling you by your name, to start the words of love with your name.

you would have cut me in half, if i would did any of the insane,

but after so many years of handwork, i achieved and be able to get the love from you being sane.

i wont let this go in vein. i always loved you will love you no matter i have to stick glue.

Me and You always glued.



love or war

I want to play a war, war of love and life all over the world.
The time is passing by and we are forgetting the reason to survive.

Time and time nature try to give us the reason to survive, we all ignored ,

Tsunami, earthquakes many more.

Always tied to make us close.

Showed the vale of love and life.

Showed us who we are ,

The soul reason to have life.

Help each other, love , share and importantly humanity.


We were moving ahead fast very fast, hit by god very hard.

Still no way, we are improving ourself.

We are move like dog tail.

No matter what you do, its going to have a curl on its tail.

All i have for you

Where is the time when i want to know more about you,

snatching the time from lord i am sharing with you.


I wont let you go, take my life in replace of you,

this much i love you.

The time i need to show my love for you,

Is all the time i needed to be kept alive,

After that i no longer need to survive.


I want to open my eyes looking at you,

before closing i just want to stare at you.

If a drop of tears rolling down my eyes

Remember it is just to keep the smile on you.

I want to be live when i am allowed to survive with you.


My heart beats are named after you,

Every time its beats it try to give a little more life in you.

I just want to spend my life loving you.

If i die before that keep my name on your heart because i will stay always with you.