Go Love Live Life!

Love Live Life!

Go Love Live Life
Go Love Live Life

We are living in this beautiful world of smiles and sorrows. Loving living and dreaming of our dream life, forgetting what we have till now is gold graced by god provided by parents or our hard work!

Looking here and there starving for items set by the traps of the world. We can’t have the entire world, we can only accompany a small part of the world with our lives running it down and starting to live happy and alive.

It’s not a big thing we can do it what we need is self SATISFACTION. This is the only thing you need to live along with this beautiful world.

If you are satisfied, if you are self fulfilled that what else can attract you nothing from this materialistic world! You need yourself to live this beautiful life not tons of money, I know we need money but we are not hungry for that. If you can satisfy yourself then you will achieve peace in mind, if you have peace in mind you will live more happy and alive.

The world is not about sunshine’s, rainbows and beauty its about an experience we only get once!

Have a life to be an idol for your generations, have a life fulfilled to smile all the time. Have a life which can help others, have a life which can bring happiness in someone else life.

Now you know the secret! Just go explore and have a beautiful life!

A life to remain

I keep running with time, I am tired now, to follow the rules, to fulfill the vows,


I am keeping it as simple as i can can,

I don’t live to be experimented in lab, i am self made man.


I will do what ever it takes, to feed ourselves,

from a hunt to anyone deaths.

i just want to live and breath.


I want to fulfill , the wishes i makes,

i don’t care what ever it takes,

Keeping the promises i made,

leading the road of mistakes to get it fade.


I am told be quit, told to bite myself when i see mistakes,

I am not going to kill my self, i will make sure this untold get breaks,

Leading the way i choose, no follow up, just to follow the muse,

Time is short, but what i will do will always last, i will pay all my dues,

and I will last, as being the best of all caste.


Just don’t kill yourself, fight till your last breath,

time will heal everything, what ever it takes,

don’t mute when you asked to prove,

just don’t.


Take life easy, make friends, do love,

let the relation breath, don’t shove.

And use your heart more than you brains.


do one favor to yourself, don’t take it funny.

create love more than money.


Love yourself, love the thing surrounding yourself.