We born with nothing, no materials just nothing,

Have few things,  one of them is feeling and other are just mixed ,

we are learning and try to link our bondings.

we don’t know what thing belong to us,

no money, no materials.

we were just unknown to this world.

we start knowing mum, dad and smiles,

we grow more, then the real world come to our shore,

fear, caste, racism, poor, rich so on.

no one told us,these things we learned!

from whom? from this world.

We start defining horror, but in real there is nothing. to called as fear.

we define emotion of different kind,

where, there was only space for one emotion, that is love,

we fit many, for our own desiring minds.

There was nothing like rich, or poor,

what matters was food to eat and a place to sleep.

Than comes money , a piece of paper was the most important thing,

if you have you are in a lead, if not who are you?

I didn’t learn anything when i was small,

i learned, when i faced the real word.