My World is…

The flower of happiness is glooming inside,

my love for you is flying high.

I love the way you look at me, with love and sometime devastating,


You are the person who know me, without me who is me?

things were always difficult for us but your support never let us being weak.

My love for you is space shuttle once go high, cross the sky and always flying.

I love you with everything i have, may be sometimes anger but it is always me.

You were always superior than me in case of love and fight,

you were winning.

I didn’t give up, now i am your king.

You are the queen of the love i have, you are the queen of my world,

Come and lets rule the entire world.

Me and You ALWAYS. <no caption>


All i have for you

Where is the time when i want to know more about you,

snatching the time from lord i am sharing with you.


I wont let you go, take my life in replace of you,

this much i love you.

The time i need to show my love for you,

Is all the time i needed to be kept alive,

After that i no longer need to survive.


I want to open my eyes looking at you,

before closing i just want to stare at you.

If a drop of tears rolling down my eyes

Remember it is just to keep the smile on you.

I want to be live when i am allowed to survive with you.


My heart beats are named after you,

Every time its beats it try to give a little more life in you.

I just want to spend my life loving you.

If i die before that keep my name on your heart because i will stay always with you.



The sweet vulnerability of your love,

the red lases of the fondness,

the morning kisses with shyness,

i am vulnerable to your love.


The essence of your scent, the tickling chilling fear in your voice,

the big eyes of fears, of your minor mistake you do.

the intense rise in your voice, the form of  devotion you have.

for the love of me, for the respect you give.

Time and time you proved your love, still i have this vulnerability in you dove,

to lose you and to see in you in someone’s else cage, arms.


Losing you, drenched in the fear of sweat,

the breath in me also hesitate to take.


Roses are red and my blood too,

I had given you rose when I proposed you.

i can give my blood if you leave me too.


Love in me inspires me,

the vulnerability in me make me love you more to the depth.

.The Vulnerability What Makes Love Strong.





what should i say, what you created and named. SPACE

Space sound funny to me.

you need me, I was their like you personal assistant,

when i need you, you created a space?

what is this space?

should i think, this a way you want to get separated?

you use me the you way you want,

you do thing that you want!

who stopped you?

Me? i wont dare to be!

and i just asked you simple things,

from love to a committed human being.

is this commitment is a space?, you are talking about?

this is your love? Is this is you?

what about the thing you asked me to give, the promised you did,

where all those gone now?


did you asked me before you go somewhere ?

did you?

if same, i do than i am a culprit and a lair, a cheat?

you, who created space when ever you wanted, you, who want this that and all crap.

i never did.

you fooled me, played me like a game.

Now its no more a game, either become mine or i become insane.

Me no none!




I share a bond with you, I live where you slay your deepest sorrows,
the time I need for you is still, never more and there is no tomorrow.
I live under your skin, not for pain but to fulfill the spaced you made .
My sensation gives you goosebumps,
My presence make you feel the love again.
I give a reason to live one more day.
Your feeling of getting stared or the presence of someone , is all me who loves to graze all the time.
My warmth, makes you stronger, the presence of me make you work harder.

The life you lead , I wanted to be the part ,
But situation lead us far apart.
Still, I am living in you, being there for you , not praying you, I am Just as parasite living in you,
Not feeding on you, just want to grow with you. and live a life i missed to spend with you.