what should i say, what you created and named. SPACE

Space sound funny to me.

you need me, I was their like you personal assistant,

when i need you, you created a space?

what is this space?

should i think, this a way you want to get separated?

you use me the you way you want,

you do thing that you want!

who stopped you?

Me? i wont dare to be!

and i just asked you simple things,

from love to a committed human being.

is this commitment is a space?, you are talking about?

this is your love? Is this is you?

what about the thing you asked me to give, the promised you did,

where all those gone now?


did you asked me before you go somewhere ?

did you?

if same, i do than i am a culprit and a lair, a cheat?

you, who created space when ever you wanted, you, who want this that and all crap.

i never did.

you fooled me, played me like a game.

Now its no more a game, either become mine or i become insane.

Me no none!



Thoughts of Hate

Why i hate, why?? what i don’t like?

reason are pretty hard for me to justify.

things changes, But i am the same again.

hatred remains the same, its hard for me to forget what have changed.

What happened with me it filled me with debt,

i am just returning your debt day by day over again and again.

The beauty in hate is more intense, more than a love can summons.

no worries, no sorrow, no crying nothing to borrow, pure hate.

I just love to hate.

One word powerful enough,

to destroy every bit of love you hold.

Thinking about hate is a part of me strong and bold,

I love to have, hate to abolish.

Love is, not forgiving people and love to hate them for life.

I am soft hatred too sometimes with hate inside i am not fragile.