Little noise

I want to be luckiest dad, blessed with two little loves,

one will be named life and other love.

I want live my life seeing their faces all the time,

They will be the reason i want to survive,

my aim, my life will be surrounded by their noise.


Dad, Dad that one things that i want to hear,

from my little lives.

I wanted to see you grow, living my live,

and blessed all the time.

Watching you grow is the only dream i want to follow,

want to see you taking your first step on the floor.

only melody is listening you calling “dad”,

my ears are thirsty to listen from you ” My dad”.


want to fulfill all the wishes you will have,

seeing you grow successful in your life,

you will create a heaven for me on earth, making me fulfill and rest in peace on my death.

I would always want to be my two little daughters dad. My love and My life.



I am a little child.

I was the only child of my family, i born in a little family,

in a dark hospital in our colony.

I was happy to be born in this family,

Cute mother and hunk dad,


the day before i was born celebration was going on,

and i was so happy inside, i was going to see the new world,

but, as i born everything, every happiness was gone,

happiness changes to remorse why?

Everything stopped,

my mom was happy and crying,

my dad was furious and crying,

i don’t know why?

i was going to go home today,

as i got out from the hospital

i was thrown in the dustbin beside,


i started crying, my mom dad didn’t listen my pain and screaming inside,

i was thrown,

i don’t know why?

No one seen me, i was continuously crying,

searching for my mom, dad all around.

then sudden i listen shouting around,

saying there is a thrown baby inside,

was i abandoned?

i got my new mom and dad after ward,

they loved me with everything i needed,

i grow up and found i was a girl child,

Thats why i was thrown inside.


This gives me pain as i think about, people are becoming heartless now.