The Greater Cause

“I am Greater than you know”

Living A Life, forming a better world,

me, you or anyone else want to lead a life of their own goals set by mind.

Letting yourself flow away by the beauty and traps of the world,

getting distracted to lead the path for which you was born,

A million reason to say “NO” to be what you want to be,

searching for the one motive to say “YES” and lead the world.


Every time you cant be what you want to be,

Even in maze you are directed to many turns to reach the destination.

Your destiny will always be same, but the path contain millions turns.

reaching the destination is never easy to earn.

Dedication, fights and a continues efforts is to be done.


The millions of turn consist, millions of downfalls,

are you weak, are you ready to give up your dream?

are you not the child sent to change the world,

YES, you are, continue the journey to reach the end of this world.

Finally you can say “YES I CHANGED THIS WORLD”

I am born to a greater cause, and i am doing that my principal allows me to be done.

A Warning!

The present of me if not happy, scratching me deep inside,

giving me some harsh signs, get changed.

When i fall asleep, it comes to me,

holding a mirror in his hands, showing me my future and dreams i had,

i try to fight back but the inner of me is stronger than me.

he shows what i was and what i am now.

the difference is clear still, i am in denial.

It shows, the changes in me the way i was happy and feeling free,

and now i am covered, lifting the floor of burdens on my back.

This is just not enough, its surrounds me, warn me, keep continuing its warnings.

I am tied with my responsibilities, i tied with the fact i have to feed myself.

I am stuck somewhere i want to get out, but the reason to live is making myself in doubt.

Can i survive ?

I can fight ?

Can i get out of these sadness and times, i want to be happy, i want to live the life i dream ,not just in my dreams,

Don’t want to get haunted by them, when i turn old and thinking i wish i could have change.