I or ?

Just to keep in mind! I am at peace.

Frustration, anger, fear, affection and all emotions,

are taking, pulling me from every side.


Just to keep in mind, I am at peace.

The sense of life has no reach to mine,

I am just living a senseless life.

No life is present inside.


Just to keep in mind, you don’t know any of mine,

I am crying deep inside.

trying to get separated from pain and dark sides.

I am living a lonely life.

Being alone is destined to be mine.

This is My Life.



The road to take, its still long ahead,

the time it needs is out of your reach,

just like mine, you to are out of light sight.


spreading the darkness, all around,

i can do what i like,

hiding in the gloomy weather,

spreading  the darkness all around,

Finding the monster hiding inside,

Releasing the darkness of myself.


Filling the light with drops of darkness,

i will unsealed the power inside,

i won’t let the brightness to come out.


I am darkness stayed all over the night,

I have filled myself with ghost, monster and all dark side.


I am the darkness on your mind.

Trouble is all inside when,I am around.



We born with nothing, no materials just nothing,

Have few things,  one of them is feeling and other are just mixed ,

we are learning and try to link our bondings.

we don’t know what thing belong to us,

no money, no materials.

we were just unknown to this world.

we start knowing mum, dad and smiles,

we grow more, then the real world come to our shore,

fear, caste, racism, poor, rich so on.

no one told us,these things we learned!

from whom? from this world.

We start defining horror, but in real there is nothing. to called as fear.

we define emotion of different kind,

where, there was only space for one emotion, that is love,

we fit many, for our own desiring minds.

There was nothing like rich, or poor,

what matters was food to eat and a place to sleep.

Than comes money , a piece of paper was the most important thing,

if you have you are in a lead, if not who are you?

I didn’t learn anything when i was small,

i learned, when i faced the real word.


surrounded by?

When you know everything have a partner! than what about love and fear.

fear to love, love to fear.

Do love and fear have something in common?

desperation, suspense and sense to get caught.

the way it comes, do it have something in common?

slowly, timely a chilling anxiety in your senses.

both of them have a gaze upon you,

in a way it can kill you.

Run, it will comes staring you down, with rumours and sounds.

it will continue, till you don’t hunt it down. else be prepared to get it for life time.

or else you founded yourself on a bed no life, you are dead.

may be because of love or the fear of death.