Things will go!

Things passes by, life slowly changes with time,

things to worry come with the amount of money.

Is this is enough to live my life to the rest,

or everything is going to get messed.

Money decides the amount of life you can live,

if you have plenty, you can prepare for long run,

else, prepare for your life will ends.


Still happiness doesn’t count on money,

happiness come when you are with your family and friends.

Money without family and friends,

you will be troubled facing the world.

broken knots, dark holes wont leave you,

till you don’t rest in peace somewhere in the world.

Things are true, facing fake life with fake people,

is like group of wolfs chasing you down.


Where else, people with less money, or troubling earning,

facing the entire world to keep themselves running.

but path is ease with your family and friends.

support, love don’t let you die,

you will fight eventually will make your self survive.






Thing that matters!

Changes come to life, like the speed of light,

I am Not aware what is going on just behind.

Just running, without any senses of mine.

Creating lot of empty spaces and broken threads in life.

I was just running with the speed, none can chase me those times.

It took me a lot of time filling few empty space that I left behind.

i was foolishly running all the time,

left the friends, to find new ones,

left my family to find source of income,

and these empty blanks never got filled with time.

i was just a foolish on all those times.

money to define my success was the only thing loved,

and other things were to empty my time, i thought.

now i am alone, nothing is their to fill it for all.

Searching some peace, helping other but still those blank never got better.

Now one things is left to peacefully wait for my death.

Life and happiness run with holding hand, not creating papers to used by those hands.