I am standing strong!

A time, a day in our life,

thinking about our past and present,

imagining our life in flow, going through a hard time ,

Smiling and happiness on face,

letting world to know, I can fight the race in all time with pace.


Our life is small , want to be happy , want to earn money

want to achieve our dream and want peace in life.

Dream life, beautiful life, we want to live the way to think, the way we want,

we only can control a situation, but we can’t control what situation comes in our life.

we need to face it , we need to tackle it and finish the situations and forward in life.


Every step we take , every move we make affect our path

changes our direction and the path, but destiny remain the same

but we choose direction and the definition of our way to life.

Thinking, dreaming and imagining can’t change our life,

Being practical will lead our life to a better place and time,

Facing everything, still standing strong
Its the proof you are human being


” SMILES ON FACES ” FILLINGWORDS. Facing sadness, facing depression or any kind of mental pain take us as your friend, we are all ears to listen to you, Your FRIEND FILLINGWORDS, express your self anonymously.

Its enough, I am tired!

I am tired now, working and saving for life,

when i will get my freedom from life.

Every day i am getting ripe, cutting time as knife.


Going for work in morning light, and getting back when i can find any bright side of mine,

whole day i am working like trained animals, no knowledge to gain, feel like i am drowned in wine.


I wanted to learn passion of my life, ended up digging my grave,

working and working, earning money like a slave.


Its enough now, i am tired, having nothing no goals,

Merging my life with knots and drilling holes.


I want to run, run away, so far even this life can’t sense me,

lead myself, that i always want to be and want to become.

The life i always desired and dream day and night.


I am tired now want to get some rest, again i have start my day with dark ends.


Reason are not required every time,

Do what, means to you,

The time will come,

you will be recognized by the things you have done.


Don’t wait for anyone to taunt you,

keep your work on your hand,

no matter, you paint, draw or write for your living.

I chooses to write for the things i like,

i write what ever pops in my mind,


Writing is what i want in my life,

living a life is not enough till you can’t achieve what you made for.

I believe the fact that life don’t run on tracks,

it run upside down, all around,

be happy you have something to show the world,

you are the one among-st the all.

Have a Happy Artistic Life


Bad day!

A time when i was flying, moving though the speed of light,

No can chase me that time,

I was flying high over the mountains and skies,

letting my self breath high, i was just on the peak of mountain,

when i loose my site and loosed the power of flying.

I started falling down the mountain high,

i was shouting to loud but i was unable to fly it was out of my site,

i was falling breaking the snow, hit hard with a tree that time,

flying high and fallen to dam hard on my head,

i was still alive, bleeding and breathing,

my eyes fallen on a white bear, gazing on me to tight,

He start running toward me, i was still lying.

and sudden i fallen from my bed it was also at height.

hit hard on my head, and blessed myself to be alive.

A Bad Dread to a bad time. 😀