Fake life! 😶

Life was ment to be alive,
Living the moments, wishing to fullfill the chimes,
A little time with life still feeding the needs of deeds,
We were born like small seeds,
To create a world full of beauties and fulfilling happiness indeed.

Life tooks a sudden curve, doing cornering,
Hating human being but why I am wondering.
Almost the entire human race became the slaves of showoff,
Contributing almost everything to feed the needs of self of shellfishness.
The world is almost at the end to find peace in head of itself.

Wonder why our life is just a showcase,
No sense and no need of sense, just nothing on base to hit self happiness.

Hitting our head on a concrete bed,
Doing crazy stuff and getting laid with shellfish,
Working just to showcase,
Bitching on the back of your work head,
Shit on this piece of dumb head, I am the best,
Why this stupid confidence,
Why you need to prove you are the best.

This is no competition it’s just a small life,
To live be happy and spread happiness without fights
Or shredding your own self.

A time a day in life when you find no one else,
You looking at yourself and feel the intense pain.
Stop every nonsense, start your day thinking of yourself.
No materials nothing in head.
Just beautiful you and your happiness.

Create a life that your generation admires and ideally takes.