It keeps on running!

Life would be so beautiful, if I was having a genie or magic stick.

thing would have turn around, world would me mine with his trick.

Life would be all mine, happiness around,

feeling smiles and enjoying my life.


I wish, if I was having the moment in my life,

but things are not what we dream of,

things are not what you think and want,

World work on work and money,

if no money, you cant have the honey.


Time is like the horse of life, keep on running and running

straight and aligned, no left or right, destiny we are bind.

the time stops, the run halt, and out heart beat ….. Dead.

My Way!

Chasing down the roads of my life,

merging the roads which are alike,

streaming through the time,

i am chasing the paths i never find.


Searching for something that i like,

time and luck are not in my side.

Still keeping up the passion inside

I am trying to rise and rise.


Something went wrong or right,

no one to judge or to tell me you are alright.

Something is poking me inside,

the curiosity inside asking me why why and why?


I answered, this is the road i found

i have no option than walking down the side,

i am just following, my luck, my passion inside.


Following what we Like, is what we need


Should i say! I don’t know!

Life is a long road to drive, sometimes in miles and sometimes few steps,

to fulfill your life.

I also had a dream that takes me miles,

still i am searching for the right time.

Not getting what you want hurts bad,

so much.

I was logging my life, seeking the present, am i alive?

Times have many phases, sometimes i don’t realize,

why my dreams dies?

I am still thinking and living in my own mind.

am i dead or alive i am not able to finalize,

I am passing my days lying, and lying to my self,

everything going to be all right!

That makes sense,  but things and time passes by,

i am still, trying to make myself alright.

Things happen with everyone,

time hit everyone with extinction,

Only those people can survive who name themself alive.


Time passes but we, who are getting old and heading towards our death.

After you gone, people will remember you, for ? how long?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 year after that you are nowhere.

What come to world, must have to extinct in this world.






Why war been there? why fight is every where?

why deaths been approved? why world is so cruel?

why we fight so much?

we have so less things to describe us!

Proving the best should not includes deaths!

Life is short journey , give it a happy end.

Why we fight than?

Life of intimacy, do need fight to make things at end?

Mother nature is the ultimatum,

what born must die and submitted to the nature.

Why fight than?

war have been fought from centuries to prove what?

You, we are the biggest in man kind?

we did what we liked?

but everything is per-determined.

Destiny is the ultimate treasure,

how we reach that’s all matters.

Than whyy we fight so much?

Born in our mother’s hands, death will be in mother natures land.


I don’t know why than we fight so much??