Mad Silence

shining tin high,

lifting the light bright,

feeling too enlighten,

pretending to be sad,

Alright, i am here, don’t be mad,


Thing are settling,

And me is not raging,

lifting the feeling hight,

propound by you,

loving the way i do.

being crazy,

i never got what i want.

achieving something was to far ahead,

still imagining the light in the sky in the dark nights.

i hope everything shine as bright as diamonds.

i cant afford the price it had,

still trying saving penny and penny to earn one from the sky.

its bright in dark night and its means to me the brightest sight.



Dark Lights

A hiatus was in my life, gravitas was in my time,

i coup with every situations, Faced many adventures.

adulation of the phases,I admired all my paths.


Walking down the quiet saunter road,

Feeling frightened, feeling alone,

I was walking down the roads.


Burly rocks covered my paths,

its always dark with enormous trees.

Cacophony was playing all around,

gloomy is all around, i feel i am drowned.


A sudden caprice in nature, charged me,

all roads, trees seemed to me merged.

i was in the running in dark, no clue of dawn.

Never felt this terror before, i was standing in the middle of gloomy land.

I was drowning and moving to the road untold.

To search for a soul.