Little noise

I want to be luckiest dad, blessed with two little loves,

one will be named life and other love.

I want live my life seeing their faces all the time,

They will be the reason i want to survive,

my aim, my life will be surrounded by their noise.


Dad, Dad that one things that i want to hear,

from my little lives.

I wanted to see you grow, living my live,

and blessed all the time.

Watching you grow is the only dream i want to follow,

want to see you taking your first step on the floor.

only melody is listening you calling “dad”,

my ears are thirsty to listen from you ” My dad”.


want to fulfill all the wishes you will have,

seeing you grow successful in your life,

you will create a heaven for me on earth, making me fulfill and rest in peace on my death.

I would always want to be my two little daughters dad. My love and My life.



A Soul to Remember

A Person who lead our lives, From birth to Hopes for life.

Who was there when we first learned to speak,

He was there when we learned to crawl,

We have a permanent car, a human car which we ride when ever you want,

He taught us how to walk, how to run,

he was the soul reason for the strength in us, the tough we are.

we sweep our tear when we got first scar,

He beaten the non living thing for hurting us.

He is our first super hero, he is the soul in us,

living a safe and secure life is only because of his love.

he fulfilled all the wishes we had, he given all the things you need,

He fill us with all the happiness we needed.

He is my soul, he is my hero,

Now its our turn to hold his hand, things he need,

the love the wanted from us.

He is my father, i love him with all the soul i can have.