I or ?

Just to keep in mind! I am at peace.

Frustration, anger, fear, affection and all emotions,

are taking, pulling me from every side.


Just to keep in mind, I am at peace.

The sense of life has no reach to mine,

I am just living a senseless life.

No life is present inside.


Just to keep in mind, you don’t know any of mine,

I am crying deep inside.

trying to get separated from pain and dark sides.

I am living a lonely life.

Being alone is destined to be mine.

This is My Life.

Race of Anger

I am small as an ant to this universe, don’t have much things to create or cradle myself in some place,

I am little upset with this world, justifying myself is just not enough.

Living like rats, and animal creatures, even animal have nothing to fear,

i may be lead to death, if i born in this world.

i have too face, and live in this race,

have to face all disgrace.

I have done nothing, still fingers point on my name,

Lifting the burden, is this my fate?

I was born unknown, didn’t know all these strains are were on my name,

all these were running from long, i was not even a member of this world.

things were hunting me before i was born,

I was a little kid, unaware of these nasty world.

I was born, become victim of all, racism as they called.