I am all right.

Sticking a smile, I said I am fine,
Every emotion is running through my brains , my heart is pumping blood in my veins and am keeping this smile, So as same.

What so ever happened, I don’t know why! I am not able to control what is flowing inside.

The pain is to much is eating every single second of my life.
Crying deep inside , I am Holding my pain on the verge of out break .

I am so mush depressed and sad inside.
I want to share but , I am unable to dare.
What will they think and will make some conclusion, on my fear and depression, i will share.

Buy still I have to hold this smile, if I show I don’t know how this will affect my life.

Its long now, i cant hold this any more, no strength to share and no more fake smile i can prepare …

I set myself free, no smile is needed and no pain is anymore there.

Things are same.

The way you felt i know,

They way you were i know,

And the changes i been found in you, all those i know.

The thing is eating me now is the way i was before,

you become the same now, which i was,

Long Back Before.

I quit everything that made you sad, i stopped the way you supposed me bad.

i was barely able to adjust, still to keep the smile , i supported you back.

Leaving you alone for a second was not the way to your heart,

you need me in each second of breath you inhale.

I wasn’t this before, i changed, just to get little closer to your heart.

But the changes in me doesn’t affect my heart, i made myself happy in parts.

I did what it take to fit in you heart, some time in rage and something chasing you everywhere i can.

Than you changed, thought i was not in your range,

you picked me to tear in part,

when you said i just want to move on.

the things again remain the same, i was crying for months.

no feeling just one numb.

Finally decided to sent to a mental asylum.