Letting yourself down, letting yourself feel small and weak,

keeping yourself away from the life,

feeling numb and feeling tired,

feeling like you are nothing more then a waste of time,


Feeling like this is keeping you away from living this beautiful life,

thought of sadness, depression is a curse, diminishing the blessings of love from this world.


The world is small, so as our life,

we can make this fruitful, filled with happiness and sharing love all around the world.

or we can destroy this by killing the happiness inside and letting yourself go away with these dark sides.


Love your life, love your people around,

share some words of love, share some care,

share your though, make yourself alive.

let the life decide what if good or bad,


Depression, sadness, and feeling like you are nothing,

is what troubling your, and making you insane,

It is all in your mind.


Let your mind travel in the past, let your heart flow in the moments of love,

give yourself time and think,

when you was born.

The happiness was all around, the flowers of faces were glowing like sun,

the peace of moon was facing toward your direction of smile.

Life was meant to be happy and smile,

but its your own mind keeping you away from the basic luxuries of life.


Go fight against these, let your love over power these crimes,

let depression and pain kneel down,

and ask for forgiveness and diminish from these world.







Life like Ocean

I am like an ocean, flowing, still, and sometime destruction’s.

I want to be as big, as tide flowing across the ocean.

Free, alive without any tension inside,

I live like an ocean.

Strong but having limitations,

I feel like an ocean.

I go anywhere i like, i can run the whole miles.

i am just free without any chain or ties.

I feel so alive, I hold grudges against people,

Still i can clam my self down.

I am cool and always in motion.

I love nature and life living, forming all around my life.

i Just can hold on you anything, i am too losses to come to your side.

My feeling are just like ocean never dies always alive.

One feeling left to describe, i am attach to a sea who is my life.