A little note!

A little note,
carried away by a boat,
small as an ant, big as an planet, and deep as floating on undiscovered ocean,
a little note to self.

A little note describing yourself,
a little note adding a value to oneself,
hitting the walls, breaking the threads to avail own-self.
just a little note to change the way you look at yourself.

Being the person of selfless,
fighting with his own head breathless,
standing in-front of mirror crying and drenched in pain,
just a note to self.

A big head, small shed, covering my face and falling under the bed,
tears are filling my room with warmth smell like dead.
I cant fight, how much I can shout, how much I can owe.
I am at the peak of my end, my head is about to blow.
Just a little note.

A note to tell I want to do a lot more then just thinking of my dream world.
Just a note to tell the world,
I am still fighting and fighting till the rest of my soul.
I don’t give up, but I am little tired, still putting a little note to left.
I loved the fight, I loved the life.
Just no more words to describe.


A life to remain

I keep running with time, I am tired now, to follow the rules, to fulfill the vows,


I am keeping it as simple as i can can,

I don’t live to be experimented in lab, i am self made man.


I will do what ever it takes, to feed ourselves,

from a hunt to anyone deaths.

i just want to live and breath.


I want to fulfill , the wishes i makes,

i don’t care what ever it takes,

Keeping the promises i made,

leading the road of mistakes to get it fade.


I am told be quit, told to bite myself when i see mistakes,

I am not going to kill my self, i will make sure this untold get breaks,

Leading the way i choose, no follow up, just to follow the muse,

Time is short, but what i will do will always last, i will pay all my dues,

and I will last, as being the best of all caste.


Just don’t kill yourself, fight till your last breath,

time will heal everything, what ever it takes,

don’t mute when you asked to prove,

just don’t.


Take life easy, make friends, do love,

let the relation breath, don’t shove.

And use your heart more than you brains.


do one favor to yourself, don’t take it funny.

create love more than money.


Love yourself, love the thing surrounding yourself.