I or ?

Just to keep in mind! I am at peace.

Frustration, anger, fear, affection and all emotions,

are taking, pulling me from every side.


Just to keep in mind, I am at peace.

The sense of life has no reach to mine,

I am just living a senseless life.

No life is present inside.


Just to keep in mind, you don’t know any of mine,

I am crying deep inside.

trying to get separated from pain and dark sides.

I am living a lonely life.

Being alone is destined to be mine.

This is My Life.


Keeps on changing.

Time and Tide wait for none.

It is as true as moon and sun.

My times are like hot and cold.

Feel sometimes and sometimes hole as black hole.

I feel none when come to feeling and emotions.

Emotions are like hot, feel once don’t want to feel again.

And everything is like cold breeze.

Life is like a weather, keeps in changing again and again.

And life is life like time.

Time and life keeps on moving no matter you want or not.

It’s all about keep on moving and changing with time.

The last time

The last time i want to feel close to you,

like a morning blend with the darkness of night,

feeling close still, miles apart inside.

the lonely peace is inside mine,

its you, you think i am alright?


The bones are shaking with a glance of you,

the dent inside my heart is healing with a site of you.

looking, chasing just eyes of you.

give me one moment to express my love for you.


The last time let me fill inside of mine with you,

let me have the close look on you.

let the moment fill with the love,

and time with a full stop.

Just Me and You.


Let the last time be the end of mine with you.




Age Weight

Running above the ground so hight,

like a flying kite.

Feeling free, feeling alive,

such a beautiful time.


Spending my time jumping on the land,

spreading my land with borders of sands.

creating queen of mine.

i am the king of that time.


I lived like a humming bird,

backward or forward seems alright,

always shining brighter than sun shine

covered in sweat all the time.


until i caged in a dark door inside,

no where to go, no where to live my life.

few unrealistic things became the reason to survive,

I was grown and materialistic things covered my entire time.




Life Death

Living lives is preserved into two part

Life and death.

Life which is the soul of living things in the world,

death which is soul reason for balancing the earth.


Living life is a beautiful experience in the world,

were death is a peaceful moment on earth.


Things are not always easy for all of us,

sometimes its difficult, and sometimes need no efforts.

its a cycle which keeps on rolling,

from the day of birth to death bed.


I am living on the edge, with relation to life and death.

Life has no meaning without love,

where death has no meaning with out peace,

both are related to you life you live on the holy earth.

Its quit interesting, how things happen in this planet,

one die and other born, to maintain the balance of earth.

Its Beautiful both have meaning and reason to exist.

sometimes life and sometimes death.