Life a four letter word, a meaning of all the living creatures in the universe and a sense of soul in everything and everywhere near us. Let us all define life in form of words.

{ [ What is life? (Think and answer in one word)

Who is life?

How is Life?

What comes in your mind when you think about the word LIFE?

Who created Life?

What are the form of LIFE?

Where LIFE originated?

Etc, Etc & Etc there are so many things about life to know, where to start and where to end. ] }

In simple words life is a straight line, starts from a small point and END to a small point. We all originated from souls and we ended up releasing our soul in this universe.

Life a journey of souls, the never ending journey and the never ending life of these souls. No one knows from where the soul originates, no one knows when soul captures us and give us the behaviour and life in us. The beauty in us or the devil of us is given by the soul and mind inside us.

Born—->>> Journey Starts—–>>>Running—–>>>Lived—–>>>Death.

((( Soul.___> body___________________________________________________________. body > —–soul === THIS IS LIFE. )))

Soul journey never stops and they are in this world even when the world was not created.

Humans, animals, insects & creatures are all temporary. We lived, we survive we create and we destroy, what last is truth and our souls.

All life start with soul in us, with flesh and bones, trying to find the reason we opened our eyes.

Starting Life with two little things smiles and tears in eyes. Born in small hands of our mother and father. Unaware and untouched from the outside world.

We just came to know, we belong to two life’s that is our mother and father.

No strength, no hate, no fear, no teeth we had, we were pure as gold and diamond.

We were closest to god that time.

We started to growing getting affected by the weather of human behaviour.

Started knowing we were born to run, born to fear, born to divide and rule, we were born to be unknown to this world. This is life.

Now I am like a numb and emotionless human running in this world.

What Life should be?

We think, we know life is created by gods or scientifically natural experimentation or reaction.  How life should be, we should learn from this nature and this world.

Nature and this universe provided us the world and land to live, food to eat and family to be happy. Nature is showing us and giving us selfless help and things to survive in this world.

where as we are continuously and constantly trying to kill this world.

World and Life is meant to be happy, helping and collaborating with everyone else.

Life is providing the selfless help to others and helping everyone around.

Life is beautiful when you start helping other and start using your life with a purpose.



When I think about Life, I feel it is destined and predetermined.

What ever I do what ever I think is inputted by something or someone else and i am following the lead of that unknown mind.

Take for a example, While we are driving a bike or a car and we are driving fast and we know that it can take our life, still we drive fast, our mind gives us a hint saying ” you are driving too fast” but still we drive fast and result we are dead or we knock the door of hospital.

Knowingly we do things, knowingly we take risk that shows this life is predetermined and predestined.

LIFE IS ALREADY WRITTEN, just try to help and be happy.


To be continued…..





Little unknown

I am known to this world,
I know what I am doing to being myself,
To stand tall to this world.
I know who am I am.
Do i really know?

I am working for myself daily,
Thinking I seen this world,
Deciding what seems right to my eyes,
Pretending I just know the surrounding the world.

Going anywhere I want, not listening to anyone,
Thinking I am known to this world,
Did what I think it’s right for me,
Roam when I wanted to, run when I wanted to, sleep when I wanted to and lift my life when I wanted to.
Do I really know this world so well?

Pretending I become the king or queen to this world
Until I was hit by a Storm,
That put me and my life in the corner of a room in this world
Darkness is the only thing with whom I spoke,
Sadness was the only thing with whom I live
And loneliness was the only thing that become my best friend.
I am unknown to this world.

Life in old times..

Lurking around the time when things were just black And White.
It was like shining white in dark days and night.
Wondering if I was born in those time ,
Where ,Time was just a thing & life was so simple for human being.
With less worries and less tensions to put on your mind.
Only pressure was there is atmospheric pressure on mind.

What if I was born in those times ,
No Internet, no www, no competition to top in class,
Hell lots of things would get minimised.
Life would have run around only few things food smiles and family to live and care all the times .
I would have played games on grounds
Not on screen and in sounds.
I would have dreamed of having a houses and a surrounding of nature all-around.
Days would be shining and will be in peace.
Times are going around now and playing games with our lives.
With eyes wide open we should admire the beauty in those days of unsalted life.

I Really Don’t Know Life

What is Life?

I am Live is that called life?

Looking in mirror and seeing dark face even when it is morning 7 am in the morning is not life.

So what is life?

I am not able to figure it out that, the need I have the requirement I have is Life or it is a part of life? Is it mandatory or it is exceptional?

I really don’t know!

Working 9 hours in office and doing journey of 4 hours daily is this life?

Thinking about the times when I was small and wanted to grow up, now I really cry for wishing to grow up and I regret not being happy those times.

I don’t see myself alive every morning in front of the mirror. I see a robot, I see a non living thing standing in-front of me that is controlled with the power of money.

Money that is driving me every single day its not me.

I don’t feel happiness inside when I travel 4 hours daily, i don’t feel happy and excited to go work daily 8 to 7 pm..

What is life and what is the consistency of life?

Please tell me… my ears are dying to hear the voice of life, wanted to hear the words you are all right.


So, what I am surviving now is what? am I alive not ?


Paths ,many paths

Chasing down the roads of my life,

merging the roads which are alike,

streaming through the time,

I am chasing the paths I never find.


The time decides all the things I like,

it choose me the love i wanted to love.

its like a big ocean with a board,

and I am surfing to the end of the world.


I am loving whatever I got,

no matter its is less or alot.

I am enjoying and blessed of the things I have,

It is beautiful to love the time I had.


From morning to night I work,

No matter i love or not,

I go home and reach my love,

My parents and my love.


Keep on Loving what you have, Don’t expect things to happen. Expect less and Live alott.