A Little Love

Little soft touches of you, warmth of your finger tips.

voice of you is flowing though my heart though your lips.

Love is your another name.

I call you with every name, my little star, or my little angle all means same.

you are pretty, a little angel in my lane,

your smile light up the whole sky,

you tear brought floods from the sky.

you little nail on the tip makes me grin.

your look can kill anything in the wild 😀

You can just be one in the whole sky, shine.

you just make me feel on cloud nine.

Little clothes of you’r light up my eyes.

you came in this world spreading the soul meaning of love.

you are mine, my angle my life, a sweet little smile all we need.

My Little Daughter




My Life.

I am keeping myself alive,

feeling, emotions are trying to hunt me down.

Things i have ever loved feel like a empty bowl.

my emotion, feeling are all still,

trying to make a move but it becomes like coldest cube.

every edge and corners are same, where to move,

no where no range.

I raise myself in these darkest hours,

burned myself to get out of coldest devour.

Filled my hunger with the dreams i desire.

Keeping the self alive is the strongest fear,

Dead or alive no means no where.

Cant reach anywhere my legs are whacked and drilled bad.

still things are left, waiting and watching myself dying.

“I am pleading i don’t want to die”



One More Thing! Remember

Issuing the law of gravity, enforcing the life in diversity.

Creating you and millions in no seconds,

the birth of nature, to the death of all creature,

I described one in all form of life in universe.

Nurtured, developed in all way around.

passing life form generation to generation.

I am there in every birth, to the death of your soul existence.

Every breath you take, very food you intake is the form of me.

else everything you can think of be.

I roar like a lion, when i am in rage,

I rage with very less strength, still no can tolerate the disaster i can make.

I am disaster you don’t want me to enrage.

I flow life like birth, while at peace.

i am life, fill me with your truth and be in peace.

I can convert life to death and death to a new age.

I am in everyone and in every-form,

low to high, bad to good, life to deaths.

Everything is destructible just one thing last for ever “TRUTH”.

I have no name, still i am described in many form and names with you foolishness.

I exist in no form, no name, i am a part of you, you have declined to accept.






Why war been there? why fight is every where?

why deaths been approved? why world is so cruel?

why we fight so much?

we have so less things to describe us!

Proving the best should not includes deaths!

Life is short journey , give it a happy end.

Why we fight than?

Life of intimacy, do need fight to make things at end?

Mother nature is the ultimatum,

what born must die and submitted to the nature.

Why fight than?

war have been fought from centuries to prove what?

You, we are the biggest in man kind?

we did what we liked?

but everything is per-determined.

Destiny is the ultimate treasure,

how we reach that’s all matters.

Than whyy we fight so much?

Born in our mother’s hands, death will be in mother natures land.


I don’t know why than we fight so much??

Train Me Hard!!

Train me hard!!!! till i am breathing!! train me!!!!!

hit me hard when i am dreaming,

make me feel my veins when i think ” take rest”.

kick me when i am resting,


keep the sprite alive in me,

don’t make me plea, i just want to bleed.

strength the soul to be, win the race in me.

I keep breathing, my heart keep beating,

train me, hit me make me listen how my heat is beating when i am bleeding.

make me say ” i can conquer the world”.

i make my self with every step i make,

i conquer the world with every breadth i take.

I am ME, and nothing can beat or conquer me.

Stop it (negativity), keep moving, hit yourself when needed, make yourself bleed when required, train so much hard no can stop you, Just keep moving and Just Remember “ME”.