The time i have for you.

The time i have for you,

is all the time when i am alive!

The time I invest, is everything that i want to do.

The reason for me to came in this world is to serve you.

For you i have mistaken all,

For you, i can fight with this world,

you are the reason to breath,

you are the reason life is in me.

All the time, all the space is for you.

All i am consist of, is because of you,

Sometimes in me, sometimes with you.

Before you picked me from million, i was having no home.

no heart, no breath, nothing to follow to lead.

I was buried somewhere before, i was just a soul.

Nothing but dust in air, i was the dust, flying everywhere.

you brought me to this beautiful world.

You’r the god for me, Unconditional love and care you spread on me.

My mother i am always there for you. I LOVE YOU.



What sort of love it is, sometimes i don’t believe,

All the time i spent with, all the day and night i can sense it.

what sort of love it is?

are you my love? or its a illusion it seems.

you never tried to change me, is it really you?

the unconditional love you show.

Your things never changed me, no matter what it may be,

We will get though, i will make you see.

I wont change no matter what it is,

no matter what range.

I will cross every way, just to reach the depth.

you never left me, never get sad or bad for me,

you always their, the bond you share.

I is single word, vacant, empty, no emotion no life nothing can survive.

Fill me in I, save me from the verge of dying.

I am your soul and i am you.







Life, a long term to survive, god prescribed.

His prescription list contains love, truth and work.

List are just three and… simple.

The love we share, is so unconditional and pure ,

Nature is big example, only gives, don’t ask for shares.

Everything runs on truth, the soul existence of life is with truth.

Work is need to run our lives, work for food, work for life.

Combination of three called as life.

You want to live you want to survive, work with love and truth for all your desires.

Live a life filled with love,

Live a life memorable.

Make you life a story to inspire others.





When i was..

Born, in big hands of my mom, i was small.

Growing, taught me to learn.

Skills and Imagination, discovered from dad and mom’s behaviour, i was so small.

Learn to say mom, still i was smart,

pronounced it right on the very first time.

I was born addicted to emotions, feeling and expressions.

I was bright little to my mom, dad’s eyes.

Started to crawl, still smarter than you all.

Learned to crawl, practising on my father’s back_ground 🙂

My white teeth, fresh and enrich always ready to bite.

I mesmerise with my twinkling eyes,

mom and dad’s had to yes alright, every single time.

My mouth is so small, even spoon don’t fit right.

Belly seems always stuffed, handful of food if just enough.

I do see my hands, five division, fingers?

My tiny leg and little finger of sets.

I directly come from gods.

created and exported to earth.

When I was Born.


Written in the Stars.

My fate is written, my destiny is decided.

Marks are made, i need to focus and race.

I need to chase my stars, written above the world so far.

The nature is my guard, covers me, save me from disaster paths.

Weather, The ultimate hurdle creator,
Keeping my journey in my deepest memory.

I have sun to burn me in sweat, hard-work need to commence.

I have moon to give me some rest, witness of the roads i take,
my success and the mistakes i made.

My paths, all are spread.,
some are full of stones, some only lead to dead knots,

Sometimes i run without any clue, wishing to have less scars and less to fought.

diverges or converges, i will discover all my paths.

Path varied, some goes to worries and some lead to unsolved queries

Need more will, need to get rid of worries, linking every thread to solved queries.

Rest discourage, take rest and forget us. .

if i do rest, destination will be far to chase.

i wont take rest,Wont be repeating mistakes, I will work as long as i am committed,
to work, luck and efforts. Will lead myself.

Will enforce my will, i need to win.

My commitments, till my heart is pumping blood in my veins.

I am determined, i will shoot in the sky like flairs.