Smiles of Faces

Time and tide waits for none,

Oceans and life are wide, never

ending extents.

Filling drop by dorp with moments and time,

Our life is defined with Happiness and sorrows sometimes.

Time naturally heals the sorrow,

Happiness naturally makes us strong to fight with all sad and depressions having smiles on face getting hits but still standing straight.

Define life in your own terms, sad sorrow, depressions are the parts, you can’t denied.

We try moments and words of happiness to try and to give a smile on your face that can’t be suffice.

Happiness on Faces 😊 -fillingwords


Keeps on changing.

Time and Tide wait for none.

It is as true as moon and sun.

My times are like hot and cold.

Feel sometimes and sometimes hole as black hole.

I feel none when come to feeling and emotions.

Emotions are like hot, feel once don’t want to feel again.

And everything is like cold breeze.

Life is like a weather, keeps in changing again and again.

And life is life like time.

Time and life keeps on moving no matter you want or not.

It’s all about keep on moving and changing with time.

words are alive.

Everyday, every moment of life, feel alright,

my days are bright,

sprite of no light at night, my night are filled with lights.


Like a cream on cake, you filled my life with sweetness and love,

lifted me up, put my life to a beautiful ceremony,

you are my crony.


I was slow to realize, but soon I got mesmerized,

by the peace, silence and love in you.


I started smelling the scent of depth in you,

some times tide and sometimes silence in you.


This all looks like you are the only made for my site,

i given you my life.


I may seems sad, may seems so in worst in this land,

but with you i will be peacefully submitted to the sands.


I know I am developing slowly and slowly,

by the smell of ink, the papers,

the words getting created,

and the emotion developing is what i am looking

My writings.



A journey I started! JUST NOW :D

I started
I started

If life was all about me I would be like this —> king of the world, living alone, unlimited food, free games, basketball all alone all for me. But I figure it out, It is not all about me, slowly but gradually I did 😀

Earlier life for me was like studies, always studies and if i was asked about fun, the answer, i remember is running, inventing(not big things small small things), becoming the king, racing thats all, not enough i guess. 😀

I had to grow, my birthdays were coming after each and every year which are proving me that i am getting older and older. SO ” I had to grow”.

I figure out, my fun was stealing, not big things, stealing things like sharpener, pencil etc.

This fun didn’t last for long, I again give myself a though what I want to be, I want to be a foodie person as I loved food and fruits.

That was taken away from me by some human being in my life those days.

I started searching things in cricket, I started cricket, I was fast learner and I was fascinated with fast bowling, I loved bowling apart from batting. But bowling also taken away from me because people and my friend stop playing with me!! why? Because I bowled to fast those days. thats why unlucky again.

Than table tennis similar situation i played a lot and than had to quit because i got transfer to other school and that school don’t facilitate table tennis.

Than I finally got something that I loved. BASKET BALL and I thought this is it, I played very well, i was very good at it, but what happen next shocked me and probably proved that I am unlucky. I had to quit this also because we need to transfer to something place and that place is backward and don’t have any basketball count to play. 😦


Than I gown more and more and became an Engineer. Initially was fascinated about engineering but slowly I lost the interest in all these engineering and programming things also.


Finally ,

In all these thing, I was doing something that I liked but never realized, that was made for me, that was WRITING. I was a born writer, I had awesome handwriting in my childhood, I written things faster than other kids at my age in schools.

A journey
A journey

I got into writing(a little serious), when one of my teacher complimented me about my poems and about my mind process words in rhyme faster.  That was the turning point(not in life), but I didn’t realized still I was happy and I started writing diaries and other things. I started writing poems and stories in my past days.

And finally I shaped all my writing  here in  wordpress(after millions of kick). I am happy, few but some are reading my poems not awesome poems but not worst also :D,

This is my 100th post, I was kind of thinking what should I write(Thinking and Thinking), ended up boring you all guys.  SORRY. but this was my story to writing.


Spending time on my mind,

thinking, dreaming, imagination the stories happened with me in past time.

Writing my  life in my lines.

dreaming to hard to search for a site,

lighting the electricity in my mind,

forming and shaping the spots, which is blind.

Thinking and thinking, I didn’t get any form of light,

I put my thought and tried to light up my plight.

I want to discover more and write what i thought,

satisfaction is important for me, none of thought works for me.

I try hard, write and delete the pages i wrote

keep on writing and erasing my words.

nothing was soothing for me,

I ended up writing the situation i fought.