We were the little stars born in the century to change the world,

we are the bright light to our parents eyes,

smiling and crying in our mom, dad hands,

thinking and wishing, if I could go back again. TO MY CHILDHOOD TIME.


Now we are grown up, now we are ready to face the world,

are we?

now we can change the world,

can we?


Thinking about the past time, when we have no worries, no time to have worries,

always happy, eating and enjoying our life,

I regret why I wish to gown up,

I regret why I wish to earn myself.


Things are change now, growing up don’t suit my life,

my time and my life is to take care by my own side,

thinking about my past time is not helping me,

it is not changing my life.


The only one to lead my life is myself,

the only one to take care of my life and family is ME,

I am the owner of my life,

I will follow every roads I can, to lead the life I dreamed and I CAN.


“SMILES ON FACES” fillingwords, we are all ears to listen to you, your pain, your sadness, your sorrows and your depressions and helping and fighting you out of this situations.


Little unknown

I am known to this world,
I know what I am doing to being myself,
To stand tall to this world.
I know who am I am.
Do i really know?

I am working for myself daily,
Thinking I seen this world,
Deciding what seems right to my eyes,
Pretending I just know the surrounding the world.

Going anywhere I want, not listening to anyone,
Thinking I am known to this world,
Did what I think it’s right for me,
Roam when I wanted to, run when I wanted to, sleep when I wanted to and lift my life when I wanted to.
Do I really know this world so well?

Pretending I become the king or queen to this world
Until I was hit by a Storm,
That put me and my life in the corner of a room in this world
Darkness is the only thing with whom I spoke,
Sadness was the only thing with whom I live
And loneliness was the only thing that become my best friend.
I am unknown to this world.

Keeps on changing.

Time and Tide wait for none.

It is as true as moon and sun.

My times are like hot and cold.

Feel sometimes and sometimes hole as black hole.

I feel none when come to feeling and emotions.

Emotions are like hot, feel once don’t want to feel again.

And everything is like cold breeze.

Life is like a weather, keeps in changing again and again.

And life is life like time.

Time and life keeps on moving no matter you want or not.

It’s all about keep on moving and changing with time.

I wanted to share!

I wanted to share a little love, a little peace to this world,

Natures is doing most of the work and i just want help,

to lead the world to a better place,

where our generation can breath, eat, survive like we are privileged.

I was just want to raise the topic, how our earth getting heated day by day.

I want to use a little time where i can devote to a better world.

I am trying to make my earth a cool place, not so cool, just like many years back.

where we all can breath fresh and live heavenly.

I want us to full fill the nature peace by giving back the soul we took,

cutting trees, creating pollution, this that gasses everything we are own destroying the soul which is protecting since generations and generations.

Give this a little time, plant some trees, use a little less cars and other keys.