The Right Way!

Working for money, Working for food or working for anything you understood.

Life, Time, Passion & Money leads our way.

Thing that we love are the part that motivates.


Life is a race that I learned,

running since long, started when stepped on the land.

Our life keeps on knocking, forces us to work and live for the money.


Time and tide waits for none,

It is true as moon and Sun,

when ever I wasted time, I filled with guild and depression inside.


But the passion that kept me alive,

when life and time forced to be die.

I am a willing son of this mother nature, keeping the fight inside, I still can run.


Money that filled my life when I followed the passion inside,

I keep on running with time all my life,

I loved what I did earlier but now i am adjusted to the life time of mine.


Getting what we love is not always possible.

But building a passion inside and working, you gradually fall in love.


I or ?

Just to keep in mind! I am at peace.

Frustration, anger, fear, affection and all emotions,

are taking, pulling me from every side.


Just to keep in mind, I am at peace.

The sense of life has no reach to mine,

I am just living a senseless life.

No life is present inside.


Just to keep in mind, you don’t know any of mine,

I am crying deep inside.

trying to get separated from pain and dark sides.

I am living a lonely life.

Being alone is destined to be mine.

This is My Life.

Time laps

I do everything i like, from good to bad  side,

Good are counted as one and bad negates the effect of one.

My good should be more, bad less,

god is there with time laps eyes, records everything form day to night.

From being bad to being a good kind.

Everything is recorded in time.

You will be praised or pushing accordingly,

Did good or bad will be judged in life.

Try to add more point in good to have a good life,

you are going to born again with time.

Negative point will reserve your fate,

and it will take long time to make your fate alright.





Life is a big game, some can play, some give and death.

Where i stand i have to figure it out, i need to breath.


Life long journey need to acquire,

I need to run like jaguar.


Time is trying to slow me down,

i give him a kick when he try to lack me down.


I don’t run from my luck,

i make my own.


I don’t Afraid from my fate,

I just reshape.


Time had shown me different path,

but giving up was never a option,

I just take actions.

I am succeeding fast, like a shooting star.


I am a star, will shine so bright, never try to touch i will burn you to die.


Who Am I?

Every breath i take, i will make it my win,

i am not a loser, i never did any sin,

i am going to win.


Losing is not written in my fate,

my destiny and I cant get separate.

If i loose…..! i never ate.

I am winning, i never going to loose the game.


My mind set is on, i am going to run,

outside the game i am none,

As i am in the game, i am god and i already won.


Lose is not what i hate,

i hate to forfeit the game,

fight till last breath,

if you don’t succeed,

change my name.


my mantra to win,


just that is enough to make you anything you want.