Am I Depressed! Am I?

Am I Depressed?

Depression doesn’t come knocking your doors.

In simple words, depression is a very unusual feeling of sadness, loneliness, mental pain, numb, pretending to be happy, deep sorrow, sleepless nights, tensed days etc.

Depression is a big word, and usually in the present generation almost everyone is taking this word as their own family member, because if you are sad, we call the situation, that we are depressed, if we loosed somewhere in some contest or sports we call that situation “I am going to be depressed” this is happening now a days. Not everyone face depression, not everyone falls under depression category,

what is depression and who falls under this category?

For getting this answer you really need to know, What depression is, Its types, and do you really fall under depression?

For all this answers please follow this article DEPRESSION “The Vandal”

We really don’t know if we are depressed or not, we assume we are depressed but we are not! we are just sad about our loss in something, we are sad or in sorrow for some incident. Situation like these don’t falls under depression.

How can you define depression and how it affect our life?

Depression is like:

Human ——> living——> Negativity, negative thoughts (last for long) ——> continues—————> sadness–sorrow–loneliness–pain–emotional disturbance–mental pain————>suicidal attempts—–self harm——> Alone—->pain—–>cry—–>Human.

There is no exact scenario or a exact situation when a person is called to be depressed but there are like cases and situations when you can call a person depressed.

for example: if you have faced the following situation in your life.

  • Loneliness

    • Depression is a stage in a person life when he/she  find him/herself alone and separated from this world. When a person is not having enough trust in other and things other people won’t understand his/her feelings and they slowly get separated from the world.
      • Here are some symptoms of loneliness:
        • Loss in friendships
        • fights with family
        • Showing less or no interest in talking to anyone
        • Fear to face people
        • Feeling of being disappears from this world, pain of being born
        • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of Interest

    • The afflicted person can even lose interest in their spouse or children, family, friends, or anyone who is related to that person.
    • Loss on interest from work, loss of interest to eat, loss of interest to talk to anyone.
    • Even loss of interest to live in this world
  • Drugs and alcohol consumption

    • Generally people figure it out that consumption of drug and alcohol can help them to heal their pain, to heal them or to take away form the world of pain. To get separated form this world people start getting into more habits, start getting more involved into these habits. Its like they want to run out of these situations and they just want to be free from this world. Due to all these reason they start and increase the bad habits.
  • Imbalance behavior changes

    • Depression, sadness, mental pain have a bad impact on human brain, due to imbalance of the chemicals in brain, there is a very unusual changes in the brains of the human being, where a human being go through mood swings, sudden change in mood, sudden feeling of crying, sudden feeling of running out, sleeping etc. These are all the reason of chemical change in a human brain.
  • Loss in appetite

    • It is very common for any person who is sad or depressed that he or she is not feeling to eat, there is a change in appetite, there is a total change in this mood to eat, he /she don’t feel like to eat, its like hunger is his best friend. Food is like less interested to a person when he/she is affected by depression.
  • Fatigue/Extreme tiredness

    • Depression affect the overall life of a person, in which a person feel fatigue, tired and feeling of sleep any time in day or night. What ever a person do in this period time makes him feel less interested and more tiring.
  • Sleep Problems

    • Sleep be like the best friend of a depressed person, actually sleeping keep him/her away from the outside world due to this a person feels like sleeping all the time.
  • Self Harm

    • Depression urges us to take more pain, even suicidal attempts. These feeling urges because we want to go way from this world, we want to feel free form this pain, this is the reason we want to die this is the reason we want to feel more pain.

All the above scenarios are related to depression but all the above are not the exact situations when you can judge a person is depressed or not.

Depression last for months and years and if you really find yourself depressed form year and facing the above scenarios, then please take medical help or psychiatrist help. Because your life is precious and your life derives many people live.

Before taking any action in your life think about the person closely attached to your life.

How to deal depression?

Figuring it out you are depressed or not is difficult, but if you even feel and think you might be depressed you can do the following things to heal yourself and kick out depression from your life.

  1. Your family is what you need!
    1. Talk to your family, talk to the person who understand you the most.
    2. Talk to your mom, dad and try to tell them what you are facing, its not the point of fear that they will not understand you, THEY WILL UNDERSTAND YOU, they are yours only since you was born. May be they take time to understand you but they will understand you.
    3. choose your cousin as your friend and try to explain your situation.
    4. Find the right person to guide you in your situation.Life
  2. A friend is in need a friend indeed, go back to your best friend, talk to your best friends, hang out with them, they to tell your situation and its is sure they will understand your life and your situation. You never know the result if you are not stepping forward for it.


3. Your Passion, your love your work, this is difficult to do when you are depressed but its success rate is high to defeat depression in your life, when you are engage with your life, engage with your time, engage with your work that time you don’t need anything or no other thought comes in your mind apart from your work.

run your life

4. Start remember your remembering your life, start realizing your life when you were happy living your life, see yourself in mirror and compare your present with your past when you were happy and having the sprite to live your life. Its never to late to start now.



5. Start doing exercises and yoga or listen to music, keep yourself clean, eat healthy keep yourself surrounded by positivity.

yoga or music

6. Ask for a friend like us. SMILES ON FACES, FillingWords, with this sole motive we want to help everyone who are facing sadness, depression or any kind of mental and emotional pain.

stalker fillingwords




Feel free to discuss your pain, sorrow, tensions with us. We are all ears to listen to you.

Any suggestion, any thoughts, any queries please feel free to ask.


The Greater Cause

“I am Greater than you know”

Living A Life, forming a better world,

me, you or anyone else want to lead a life of their own goals set by mind.

Letting yourself flow away by the beauty and traps of the world,

getting distracted to lead the path for which you was born,

A million reason to say “NO” to be what you want to be,

searching for the one motive to say “YES” and lead the world.


Every time you cant be what you want to be,

Even in maze you are directed to many turns to reach the destination.

Your destiny will always be same, but the path contain millions turns.

reaching the destination is never easy to earn.

Dedication, fights and a continues efforts is to be done.


The millions of turn consist, millions of downfalls,

are you weak, are you ready to give up your dream?

are you not the child sent to change the world,

YES, you are, continue the journey to reach the end of this world.

Finally you can say “YES I CHANGED THIS WORLD”

I am born to a greater cause, and i am doing that my principal allows me to be done.

Nature Human

Created in the days of past, nurtured in present,

living things lives is the evaluation of the future.

Growing responsibilities on shoulder,

moving ahead, create a life of balanced nature with lives.

are we doing that?

Chemicals, pollution, destroying the earth atmosphere,

is that less?

chopping tree, killing million of animals,

this is also less.

we want to be responsible for the extinction of the rest.


Destruction is everywhere, life is also everywhere,

wee are killing nature. nature is not behind,

killing lives with disasters.

day is soon when there will be no nature to feed on,

just me and you feeding on each other.


Protect, preserve life, by protecting nature and other lives.

Be a person to live without harm to the nature.

live a life corporation with the nature.

and the things selflessly provided by out mother land, Earth.



The Truth!

Time to know the truth->>


What are we, a sophisticated well deigned sometimes well mannered, organized and much more lots of lots of qualities we human have…
Are you serious … those phrases belong to us???? hahaha no way.

What are we??

This human being are the most dangerous, most scariest and cryptic minded chronic creatures because of their own mind.


Those are qualities, than again if something is not getting used in right direction, what we call that good or bad according to our thought(no knowledge what is right or wrong)  actually, we all done and do something that doesn’t fit in human-being category. we should call ourself disasters….

what problem these human have from this mindless animals? I am unable figure it out?

Shameful Us

We are the creatures who cut homes of these animals and converted some piece of mall, halls, houses some industries or some money growing buildings seriously? what we say when some tiger evade this human society !! see i my self calling this evade. we are those shameful beggars who begged so much that we capture all there homes now they come to visit us letting us know what wee did to them,telling us: why you did this to us, we were happy in our jungle you cut all out homes. and now we are coming to seek food and rest in your homes. Its now our fault.


Please Don’t

why killing these animals-> Tigers, elephants, etc so many animals they even don’t know how to react when you humans are hunting for them.

Few days back in some cities many streets dogs are killed! What a shame!! our populations is increasing day by day this issue is big. We can’t do anything about it because we are those bastards who can show power on weak and dominate them till their deaths.

What normal human can do is talk etc about that, but cant do anything about it, but those who can do sitting ideal. National parks are the main attraction for hunters now, hunter have the guts to go there and hunt ?

see this-> These place are called safe for animals, is that so? or we are creating a big cage and we are breeding and feeding these animals to hunt them later. cant figure it out.

In year 2000 there were many species on this beautiful planet but now most of them are extinct why?  because we fucked them and killed them, because this is our hobby. we called global warming is increasing!! who is the biggest reason behind that? “WE HUMANS”.

Experiments on animals, this and that, try to do that experiment on your OWN KIDS or on YOUR WIFE MOTHER FATHER any one.will you do that???

What is this hunger you have want to eat all animals on this planet… eat your self see how it taste cut your self daily and eat. I have this huge anger still cant do anything because, I don’t have that impact to make this change.. but ” THOSE WHO CAN ARE NOT DOING AT ALL,  FOR SOME EXTRA CHANGE(MONEY).




World is so wide, so many birds in the sky,

flying, flying and flying,

and we are hunting them down.

To taste, how they are created.

The world is so wide, animals were filled in the past time.

Now we are selling them for food, for good and much more.

why there is need to hunt tigers and lions?

where there is need to poke and kill the peaceful whale?
where there is need to taste the whole world.

Even a flower is beautiful when it is attached to its plant.

Not in your hands.

why people are killing everything and detaching to the earth land?

selling, killing, selling killing becomes rhythmic rhyme.

we best known, animal with minds.

even animals don’t hunt everything down.

Thing is, we are mind less creatures, we know best, how to big our own diet.

Living is nature is the biggest mistake we are doing,

soon nature will be hunting us down, before we can bleed for our mistakes.

Its our turn now be prepared for the darkest life.