Some Point of My Life

At a point of time, I was going to live and feel the life,

That point of life, I wanted to create happiness in time,

happiness and time! seems only in my mind,

my senses don’t feel right, from those times.


My times and life doesn’t seems right from the moments,

when I was watching my happiness fading away from my sight,

It was the moment when I realize there are tons of things to make me feel dead,

even when I am alive.

My realization, my thinking is not giving me any hopes,

It’s ruining my time and my life.


My brains was the biggest enemy of my life,

which was poking me and bringing my life to a dead end.

My thinking was a curse, the more I think, the more I think to destroy myself,

thinking was my biggest enemy,

my life was revolving around few things, me, my mind, depression, thinking to be happy

and all me in those times.


Life of lies, life of pain was unbearable to me and my mind,

every breath I took give me more pain,

every second I look make me feel I am numb,

what would be the solution of these all?


I realize, I was not the only one suffering form all the pain and bad times,

thinking the solution, only give me more dead knots,

until my love inside, told me to feel the life,

discussion the pain and sorrow with my mom and dad,

given the strength to defeat the dead end of my life.

The strength of love was bigger,

the tear from my mom eyes, clear the dark dust from my mind,

strength of my dad thoughts, hit my pain and depression with a bright light,

I was clearing all the pain and dead knots form my side.


Finally, I realize the happiness and the strength in my family and love ones can defeat all the bad times in my life,

I just need to say, family I am not good, I am going through a tough time.


That all it take to kill your fears and pain from inside.


Its True.

Everything in me is founded of you,

i am because of you its true.

My happiness is derived from you,

my sorrow is the pain of you, its true.

What I want to be, will be only with you,

the reason I want to be something is because of you, its true.

My life, my time, my breath all is mine,

derived and protected by you, its true.

You r my muse,and everything,

all comes from you.


Love is all around, I learn from you.

mine is a words is also derived from you.



Love cant be shared!

A life time is less to give the love, you done to me.

I am in debt of the selfless love and care you shared.

It’s not you, its the god itself survives in you.

I want to worship, though out my life for you.

Because i was none, even nothing without your love and care from my childhood till I old.


From childhood you cared for me, love for me,

No matter there is food or not, but my belly always will be stuffed,

No matter there is air in the atmosphere or not, I was kept live with love.

The shield of your love and care is the only thing that is making me breath.

if not, I will be nothing more than death.


Everything seems less when i compare with you,

Money, fame everything seem faded, when you com into my life,


I left the life that showed me papers and fake names.

I want to spend my rest in your love and forgiveness.

Want just one thing smile on your face until i end.
That’s my life with my mom.


A word that Inspires

A word that always inspires, we heard when, we were a little lier,

for us it is all that matters, listening to our mom calling us with super powers.

son you the best, son you can do it, son you are always my star,

praises from her never stopped, from birth to the death bed of us.

she is the only fan we had, who always cheers, she is our strongest truss.

She is with you if you lose, she with you if you fall, and when you win,

I am sure you see, once in a blue moon expression.

All she want your happiness, if you are happy, its fine,

if you are not, she will give all sort of try, you make you shine.


No matter what path of road you take, from zig zag to straight.

from your failures to success, she always had the biggest contribution,

no matter you accept or not, some day you will realize,

She is the best, MOM.



The time i have for you.

The time i have for you,

is all the time when i am alive!

The time I invest, is everything that i want to do.

The reason for me to came in this world is to serve you.

For you i have mistaken all,

For you, i can fight with this world,

you are the reason to breath,

you are the reason life is in me.

All the time, all the space is for you.

All i am consist of, is because of you,

Sometimes in me, sometimes with you.

Before you picked me from million, i was having no home.

no heart, no breath, nothing to follow to lead.

I was buried somewhere before, i was just a soul.

Nothing but dust in air, i was the dust, flying everywhere.

you brought me to this beautiful world.

You’r the god for me, Unconditional love and care you spread on me.

My mother i am always there for you. I LOVE YOU.