Lets Fight!

Putting up yourself in the sad and depressed part,
Letting yourself slip away and captured by the dark world?


It’s life, happiness, sadness etc contains tons of emotional full fulfilment.
Letting your emotions control you?


Crying, taking hits and pain in mind,
Is this all adding up and letting you to live a better life?


Obsession, objection, rejection and a subject of decisions,
Are we made for some judgemental instructions?


A matter of object, a matter of decision,
Can all these change my mind, my life?


Bringing up to his world,
Am I born to serve the cruelty of this world?


Things confused me and my living world.
I don’t want to be in any of these surviving world.
I was born crying to make a presence in this world, I Exist”
I am born to stand up straight and fight against the unequal, depressed emotional pain from this world.
I was born to have a smile on the face, I was born to help million of lives,
I am alive to live my life freely,
Sadness, depression knock my door,
Happiness say no one is at home.
I stay in this home.