Letting yourself down, letting yourself feel small and weak,

keeping yourself away from the life,

feeling numb and feeling tired,

feeling like you are nothing more then a waste of time,


Feeling like this is keeping you away from living this beautiful life,

thought of sadness, depression is a curse, diminishing the blessings of love from this world.


The world is small, so as our life,

we can make this fruitful, filled with happiness and sharing love all around the world.

or we can destroy this by killing the happiness inside and letting yourself go away with these dark sides.


Love your life, love your people around,

share some words of love, share some care,

share your though, make yourself alive.

let the life decide what if good or bad,


Depression, sadness, and feeling like you are nothing,

is what troubling your, and making you insane,

It is all in your mind.


Let your mind travel in the past, let your heart flow in the moments of love,

give yourself time and think,

when you was born.

The happiness was all around, the flowers of faces were glowing like sun,

the peace of moon was facing toward your direction of smile.

Life was meant to be happy and smile,

but its your own mind keeping you away from the basic luxuries of life.


Go fight against these, let your love over power these crimes,

let depression and pain kneel down,

and ask for forgiveness and diminish from these world.







Some Point of My Life

At a point of time, I was going to live and feel the life,

That point of life, I wanted to create happiness in time,

happiness and time! seems only in my mind,

my senses don’t feel right, from those times.


My times and life doesn’t seems right from the moments,

when I was watching my happiness fading away from my sight,

It was the moment when I realize there are tons of things to make me feel dead,

even when I am alive.

My realization, my thinking is not giving me any hopes,

It’s ruining my time and my life.


My brains was the biggest enemy of my life,

which was poking me and bringing my life to a dead end.

My thinking was a curse, the more I think, the more I think to destroy myself,

thinking was my biggest enemy,

my life was revolving around few things, me, my mind, depression, thinking to be happy

and all me in those times.


Life of lies, life of pain was unbearable to me and my mind,

every breath I took give me more pain,

every second I look make me feel I am numb,

what would be the solution of these all?


I realize, I was not the only one suffering form all the pain and bad times,

thinking the solution, only give me more dead knots,

until my love inside, told me to feel the life,

discussion the pain and sorrow with my mom and dad,

given the strength to defeat the dead end of my life.

The strength of love was bigger,

the tear from my mom eyes, clear the dark dust from my mind,

strength of my dad thoughts, hit my pain and depression with a bright light,

I was clearing all the pain and dead knots form my side.


Finally, I realize the happiness and the strength in my family and love ones can defeat all the bad times in my life,

I just need to say, family I am not good, I am going through a tough time.


That all it take to kill your fears and pain from inside.


what should i say, what you created and named. SPACE

Space sound funny to me.

you need me, I was their like you personal assistant,

when i need you, you created a space?

what is this space?

should i think, this a way you want to get separated?

you use me the you way you want,

you do thing that you want!

who stopped you?

Me? i wont dare to be!

and i just asked you simple things,

from love to a committed human being.

is this commitment is a space?, you are talking about?

this is your love? Is this is you?

what about the thing you asked me to give, the promised you did,

where all those gone now?


did you asked me before you go somewhere ?

did you?

if same, i do than i am a culprit and a lair, a cheat?

you, who created space when ever you wanted, you, who want this that and all crap.

i never did.

you fooled me, played me like a game.

Now its no more a game, either become mine or i become insane.

Me no none!



surrounded by?

When you know everything have a partner! than what about love and fear.

fear to love, love to fear.

Do love and fear have something in common?

desperation, suspense and sense to get caught.

the way it comes, do it have something in common?

slowly, timely a chilling anxiety in your senses.

both of them have a gaze upon you,

in a way it can kill you.

Run, it will comes staring you down, with rumours and sounds.

it will continue, till you don’t hunt it down. else be prepared to get it for life time.

or else you founded yourself on a bed no life, you are dead.

may be because of love or the fear of death.



Thoughts of Hate

Why i hate, why?? what i don’t like?

reason are pretty hard for me to justify.

things changes, But i am the same again.

hatred remains the same, its hard for me to forget what have changed.

What happened with me it filled me with debt,

i am just returning your debt day by day over again and again.

The beauty in hate is more intense, more than a love can summons.

no worries, no sorrow, no crying nothing to borrow, pure hate.

I just love to hate.

One word powerful enough,

to destroy every bit of love you hold.

Thinking about hate is a part of me strong and bold,

I love to have, hate to abolish.

Love is, not forgiving people and love to hate them for life.

I am soft hatred too sometimes with hate inside i am not fragile.