DEPRESSION The crier of sadness, the moments of self-pain, the time of realization, that you are worth nothing but a just a game. You are being sad, you are being in sorrow, time and time it is poking you, not letting you live the way you want, the time you realize, it too late to take a step against the […]

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Light up the life!

Light up the life like a bright sun in dark night, light up the sky with your eyes like stars shining bright. lift yourself up, go cross your boundaries and limits, its time to full fill your dreams and things you want to filled with. A life, one time, no more chance to live by, take care of every second […]

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A like is we need?

A like is we need?

Spending our day and time searching for a right and best of us to be clicked and share on social sites, Investing every second of our time to think about the perfect pose or post to hit the next record on likes. This is our life! Thinking about the site that define our life, Life of alphabets is this is […]

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Am I Depressed! Am I?

Am I Depressed! Am I

Am I Depressed? Depression doesn’t come knocking your doors. In simple words, depression is a very unusual feeling of sadness, loneliness, mental pain, numb, pretending to be happy, deep sorrow, sleepless nights, tensed days etc. Depression is a big word, and usually in the present generation almost everyone is taking this word as their own family member, because if you […]

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The Greater Cause


“I am Greater than you know” Living A Life, forming a better world, me, you or anyone else want to lead a life of their own goals set by mind. Letting yourself flow away by the beauty and traps of the world, getting distracted to lead the path for which you was born, A million reason to say “NO” to […]

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