Letting yourself down, letting yourself feel small and weak,

keeping yourself away from the life,

feeling numb and feeling tired,

feeling like you are nothing more then a waste of time,


Feeling like this is keeping you away from living this beautiful life,

thought of sadness, depression is a curse, diminishing the blessings of love from this world.


The world is small, so as our life,

we can make this fruitful, filled with happiness and sharing love all around the world.

or we can destroy this by killing the happiness inside and letting yourself go away with these dark sides.


Love your life, love your people around,

share some words of love, share some care,

share your though, make yourself alive.

let the life decide what if good or bad,


Depression, sadness, and feeling like you are nothing,

is what troubling your, and making you insane,

It is all in your mind.


Let your mind travel in the past, let your heart flow in the moments of love,

give yourself time and think,

when you was born.

The happiness was all around, the flowers of faces were glowing like sun,

the peace of moon was facing toward your direction of smile.

Life was meant to be happy and smile,

but its your own mind keeping you away from the basic luxuries of life.


Go fight against these, let your love over power these crimes,

let depression and pain kneel down,

and ask for forgiveness and diminish from these world.








Time laps

I do everything i like, from good to bad  side,

Good are counted as one and bad negates the effect of one.

My good should be more, bad less,

god is there with time laps eyes, records everything form day to night.

From being bad to being a good kind.

Everything is recorded in time.

You will be praised or pushing accordingly,

Did good or bad will be judged in life.

Try to add more point in good to have a good life,

you are going to born again with time.

Negative point will reserve your fate,

and it will take long time to make your fate alright.




Beauty in us.

World is incredible, where we are born in this holly land,

natures decorated the our world,

and the beauty in us is decorated by the tradition we have.

we have uncountable tradition, followed by people around the world.

Religion is the soul reason of birth of traditions.

where people follow more than 30 religions in the world,

having different form, different beliefs,

the beauty is everyone is maintaining their own peace.

where love is measured, the depth of devotion you have,

and the trust of life is given by the lord we always want to be with us.

we celebrate the love of our soul with lord,

celebrating the depth of happiness we have.

things aren’t always same we still never blame,

we always pray the love we have, also the thing we want.


Our tradition is beautiful, filling the missing gaps,

celebration with love, light, food we have,

things were never same before, we admire the love with in our self .

gathering in single place sharing love,

the love in us, and the time we spend having smiles and not bad feeling inside us..


life untold!

Living in million folds of life, each day we open a new page,

creating a story for self, god publish our stories,

sent some to heaven and some to hell.

From born to death, our story is written,

in his pages, where he decides which to publish and which to thrown in hell.

We are the heading of our stories written in bolds,

instruction are simple, create a life of help and happiness.

spreading smiles and happiness, be a sun where ever you go spread bright light of happiness,

Or Be moon, spreading grace and peace of light.

Be water, get adjust with mood and nature of other faces.

Just be you, love for nature love for people, no war no fight, under your sight.

Build yourself with love, build yourself for other, be a story which always can glow.

And god can always look upon to you.







Deep in my mind on a evening stride

filled with love, flowing inside.

Enchanting my soul

never felt that before.

Magic in air, filling my deep desires,

watching you that all i admire.

Keep my soul into you

fill me with your vicious strength

i am your child make me wise

save me from all your vice.

Care, love all you show,

Keep my soul into you.

Your love is all i know

childhood to till i grow.

I am becoming old

for you i am still a gold.

You inspire me all day

i am fool still search for different ways.

Your Love is all real.

Bloomed me from child to adult.

keep me alive, to work, for life.