Am I Depressed! Am I?

Am I Depressed! Am I

Am I Depressed? Depression doesn’t come knocking your doors. In simple words, depression is a very unusual feeling of sadness, loneliness, mental pain, numb, pretending to be happy, deep sorrow, sleepless nights, tensed days etc. Depression is a big word, and usually in the present generation almost everyone is taking this word as their own family member, because if you […]

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life love

Letting yourself down, letting yourself feel small and weak, keeping yourself away from the life, feeling numb and feeling tired, feeling like you are nothing more then a waste of time,   Feeling like this is keeping you away from living this beautiful life, thought of sadness, depression is a curse, diminishing the blessings of love from this world.   […]

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Some Point of My Life

Some Point of my life

At a point of time, I was going to live and feel the life, That point of life, I wanted to create happiness in time, happiness and time! seems only in my mind, my senses don’t feel right, from those times.   My times and life doesn’t seems right from the moments, when I was watching my happiness fading away […]

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