Lets Fight!

Putting up yourself in the sad and depressed part,
Letting yourself slip away and captured by the dark world?


It’s life, happiness, sadness etc contains tons of emotional full fulfilment.
Letting your emotions control you?


Crying, taking hits and pain in mind,
Is this all adding up and letting you to live a better life?


Obsession, objection, rejection and a subject of decisions,
Are we made for some judgemental instructions?


A matter of object, a matter of decision,
Can all these change my mind, my life?


Bringing up to his world,
Am I born to serve the cruelty of this world?


Things confused me and my living world.
I don’t want to be in any of these surviving world.
I was born crying to make a presence in this world, I Exist”
I am born to stand up straight and fight against the unequal, depressed emotional pain from this world.
I was born to have a smile on the face, I was born to help million of lives,
I am alive to live my life freely,
Sadness, depression knock my door,
Happiness say no one is at home.
I stay in this home.

Who Am I Really?

Who I am really? You define!

define the life of mine, filled with sorrows & pain inside

why I am running towards the dark side?

why things are becoming a burden on my mind.


Life is a beautiful time, a moment, a lifeline,

breathing, food & peace all needed to survive.

I learned this life with practice and time,

I am alive, fighting for every second of my life.


why things happen different in different life?

why sometimes we say ” I wish I could be this that etc”

why we think there is inequality, why we think we are no same?

we all are same, born in this world with different name.

we have something, some quality that is unique in us

which makes us one and one in this world.


We fight through these inequality, show what we are good at,

born and to diverse our quality,

showcase our-self to be needed in this world

I don’t need you, you need me to survive in your world.









I will be alive

I am alive,  i am alive, breathing,

situation try to end, but I hold on, at the edge.

I was not ready to forfeit, this not how i want to make myself end.

I will fight till my last drop of blood don’t get dried.

I said, i will come back and celebrate,

i am still alive, this is not the end.

I still have bullets to fight, to run them down,

Don’t tell me to move back,

if i die,

just let my family know i did fight.

I am surrounded by many,I am not afraid,

I want to see their death, before i lose by breath.

last words…..

Hit them with everything you got,

Don’t let them take me away,

Hit it now,

its late fire, fire..

Just let everyone know, I love my country, and died for submitting myself to the land i protect.

Remember Me!

When i was gone, feeling so lone,

i was not having any other options to follow on.

Leaving my family, my friends behind,

i have to move on.


I wish i can make another day for them,

spend a few more months with them,

i wanted to see them more and more, again and again.

But now situation is leading my path, i have to follow on.


I am not going alone, I am keeping them in my heart,

i filled myself with the tear of their eyes.

I am completed now, i can go and live the chosen life.


Still it taking my heart out,

watching things getting separated from my love life,

my family and my little life.


I fall on the ground, got shot by bullet straight in my heart,

Tear are rolling down from eyes, i know i don’t have so much time.

Just want to say i love you alot.

I died when i went to save my country form the bad sight.

I am a proud solder of my country,

still the pain in me is not letting my feeling out,

i wish i just can see my family and my life’s.

Give Respect To solders because they do what you can’t do in your entire life.