I am all right.

Sticking a smile, I said I am fine,
Every emotion is running through my brains , my heart is pumping blood in my veins and am keeping this smile, So as same.

What so ever happened, I don’t know why! I am not able to control what is flowing inside.

The pain is to much is eating every single second of my life.
Crying deep inside , I am Holding my pain on the verge of out break .

I am so mush depressed and sad inside.
I want to share but , I am unable to dare.
What will they think and will make some conclusion, on my fear and depression, i will share.

Buy still I have to hold this smile, if I show I don’t know how this will affect my life.

Its long now, i cant hold this any more, no strength to share and no more fake smile i can prepare …

I set myself free, no smile is needed and no pain is anymore there.


Things are same.

The way you felt i know,

They way you were i know,

And the changes i been found in you, all those i know.

The thing is eating me now is the way i was before,

you become the same now, which i was,

Long Back Before.

I quit everything that made you sad, i stopped the way you supposed me bad.

i was barely able to adjust, still to keep the smile , i supported you back.

Leaving you alone for a second was not the way to your heart,

you need me in each second of breath you inhale.

I wasn’t this before, i changed, just to get little closer to your heart.

But the changes in me doesn’t affect my heart, i made myself happy in parts.

I did what it take to fit in you heart, some time in rage and something chasing you everywhere i can.

Than you changed, thought i was not in your range,

you picked me to tear in part,

when you said i just want to move on.

the things again remain the same, i was crying for months.

no feeling just one numb.

Finally decided to sent to a mental asylum.





Voice of My Tears

Two phases of love, crying with happiness and crying for sorrow.

I show the immerse love for you in each phase of love,

when you smile i am beautiful as dove,

when you cry i am still beautiful but as  black clouds.

I come with a soft touch in your eyes,

leave red marks when i was about to dry.

these phases show how much i love you.

happiness or crying my existence will be in your eyes.

I fill you with strength when i go dry, after you cried.

I fill you with tremendous happiness when i go dry, after you just smiled. 🙂

I am a full pack filled with,

sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness.

i can describe the reason for your cry,

if i fall from right you are happy and delight, eye

and fall from left you are sad and sorrow from depth. eye

The reason for my fall don’t show your weakness, not your failure,

It shows your love for me and how much you miss me.

I am your few drops of tears, happy and always their.





Feeling Alone?

Why feeling alone when i am here!

Feel like you have new feeling to share,

share the strength, share the love in you, you admire.

You are the one who is always taken care,

when you were crying or drowning deep in desire.

you are the one who was born to change the world, born to known the world.

be who you are discover the self in you, share when you want to share.

I will be always their.

The love i have for you, nothing can compare.

You share the thoughts of your when you just learn smile, cry and fear.

I know you all, nothing is their to describe myself to you.

why feeling alone when i am here. Your Soul.

Always will always here.